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  1. Hi~ Personally, I'd choose History. You should avoid choosing subjects based on getting easy grades. A lot of the time, your performance is rooted in interest/passion for the subject. If you become bored with Geography and put less effort in, your grades will slip, whereas if you put loads of time and care into History because you genuinely care about the subject and the content you are more likely to achieve great results. Also, History seems to fit more naturally with your other subject choices. This is just what I would do. Good luck~
  2. Hey~ I also have an interest in studying law in university, so twinsies Your subject choices honestly depend upon the university you are trying to get into. As far as I know, most approve of a writing based subject (such as History) and also look favorably on languages - especially if you're doing European law. I've chosen: HL: History, English Literature, French SL: Maths (Studies), Business & Biology You'll need to have a basic understanding of Mathematics, but in some schools (e.g. London School of Economics) you have to take a higher level of Maths. Personally, I'm aiming for Oxbridge, who don't specify a high standard of Maths. So in short, your choices are great! Good luck with your exams~
  3. Hey, I absolutely believe in Feminism, but as a way of achieving gender equality - not dominance of females in society. Just starting IB: English Lit Higher Biology Std Math Studies History Higher French Higher Business Studies I only just started IB ~

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