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  1. OK. I'm a grade 11 student, I'm currently enrolled in art ib and bio ib; which is not that stressful compared to some of you, but I hate it. I'm taking art ib, bio ib, social studies 20-1, math 20, and TOK. We all know that bio ib is a 1.25-year program but 1 month after the actual program, I'm so fed up with it. Maybe it's just my time management(yeah I have bad time management and that is probably not a good thing especially when you're in ib), but I find those monotonous simple labs we do taking too much of my time I not only don't have time to do creative stuff but also math and social homework. Almost 2 months into the school now and I haven't find time to do my math and social homework for a month. And I feel that the workload is building up, and bio ib is dragging my other marks down and destroying my mental health, I go to school free of makeup with a mop that hasn't been washed in 5 days. I don't think this is worth it, so I decided to talk to my teacher about it and the ib coordinator in my school told me I can't drop out without offering a reason except for I'm doing pretty good and that once you're enrolled in the program you can't get out. But I'm determined to get out. Does anyone have a similar experience or their school has a different policy because I have a friend who attends another school and she said they can get in and drop out of ib at their school anytime.