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  1. Hi all, I'm in year 11 right now and I'm starting IB next year. In terms of Language, I'm gonna to take my mother tongue as a Language A Self-taught (which is Japanese). For Group 2 subject, I have no idea whether I should take English A Lang. and Lit. SL or English B HL. (I'm saying English A Lang. and Lit because I read it's easier than English A Lit.) I'm not a native speaker, so I know that English B would be much easier for me to get 7. Do you even think I can aim 7 with English A? I'm not sure about this because I heard that taking English A would be a big advantages if I want to enter the university in England. Is this true? Do the universities like Cambridge and Edinburgh prefer international students to take English A rather than English B? Cheers,
  2. @Kat O'Donovan Thanks! Btw are you Indonesian?
  3. Hi all. Is it possible for Japanese student who is fluent in Japanese to take Japanese B rather than Japanese A? Thanks,

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