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  1. Hey The extended essay topic I was thinking of doing is: To what extent was chess used as a propaganda tool during the Cold War at the Reykjavik World Chess Championship in 1972? My IB coordinator says that this question is already somewhat answered, and writing an extended essay on it would be summarizing events rather than doing actual research. Is there any way I could re-phrase this question to perhaps make it answerable? Thanks
  2. I should mention I'm year 1
  3. Hey, We just got our Term 1 Report Cards today, and here are my scores.. History HL - 4 Chem SL - 4 Biology HL - 5 Math SL - 6 French SL - 6 English HL - N/A (we did not take English last semester) Total: 25 With these scores do you think my goal of a 39 is possible? Please be honest