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  1. Hello! I'm in my jr year and my teacher advised us to think of IAs now. I'm thinking of doing a database one related to autism, ex, how parental age can cause autism or how vaccines can cause autism and my question was accepted except, I can't find any databases with any information? If anyone has any sort of database sources for this (anything about or related to autism) that would be great!
  2. I'm doing terrible in Math SL (because I lack a lot of basic knowledge of math due to different education systems and me moving around a lot) I am constantly getting C and D grades all year. It's too much for me because the teacher teaches way too fast for someone who has almost 0 knowledge on most these subjects ex. logs. I'm a month away from my Junior Year semester exams and am thinking of dropping to math studies next year for senior year. But would I be able to go to universities because I heard Math Studies isnt taken seriously? My subjects are right now: SL math, SL spanish ab initio, SL chemistry and HL biology, HL english, HL global politics I only took sciences because I wanted to keep my options open and wasn't sure about my career path so I for sure don't want to go into medicine (which I know needs math SL). Now I understand my strengths and most likely want to go to psychology or something to do with design like interior design etc. Would I be able to do be accepted into future uni courses even if I drop to math studies? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply, we've covered chapter 9 but I feel like anything I'll do from there will be too cliche since my teacher has mentioned how so many people have already done analysis of enzyme activity and reactions. I could resort to that as my last option but he'll probably think I got that online so I'm trying to come up with something original (which isn't going great lol). For your experiment, were you just using different fertilisers as your independent variable? What chapter would that relate to?
  4. your idea sounds really interesting, thanks!
  5. So im in my junior year and my teacher advised me to start thinking of an IA topic early. I thought of observing the colour changes in white flower petals (when mixing food colouring with water) but then i realized thats more of a qualitative experiment. Could anyone help in trying to put a quantitative aspect to it?? I’m generally interested in the topic of plants and water. My teacher also said using a database is good because you usually have direct personal engagement, so that’s another option. Help is appreicated, thank you!
  6. I'm really confused about the personal engagement stuff that we need to prepare for the global politics IA, so could anyone provide some examples on what they did, or what I can do? I've been looking into human rights but am unsure how I can engage with the issue. Thanks!
  7. So I really suck at math and I'd like to know if there are any good sites that provide SL math IB problems with answers? I find the textbook problems are kinda pointless because I can do well in that but always do horrible on my tests (which are IB questions) Thanks!
  8. you should look at the expected understandings for every chapter from the IB, and then focus on those things. Bioninja is a really helpful source that my bio teacher uses to teach us
  9. I want to drop SL chemistry for film but that will take a lot of convincing to my teacher since IB has been going for 2 months already and it is too late for me to change. My school doesnt offer the subject but theres an online course: pamoja film and i didnt know about this until yesterday and im really really interested in film. does anyone have any experience with pamoja though? im just afraid of regretting the decision (if im allowed to change) because its an online course and stuff... hows the work load?