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  1. Hi all, Please do check out www.itgskit.com - we're currently developing the site to contain notes on all of the chapters as well as details for the IA and Extended Essay in ITGS for both SL and HL. We also link to the IB documentation for the IA and EE and previous paper 2 articles. Forums are being tested at www.itgskit.com/forum.html We have a page on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ITGSKIT for the sharing of relevant up to date articles and ideas, We have a Twitter feed - www.twitter.com/ITGSKIT , again for sharing ideas and content that are helpful for ITGS We have an Instagram feed - www.instagram.com/ITGSKIT for image and story sharing for ITGS. All the above also contain details on updates to www.itgskit.com as we work to get all of the relevant content available! If you have an suggestions or requests for the sites, please do email [email protected] with your ideas
  2. Hi Kilwee, Our pleasure to answer your questions! You definitely need to include the techniques for Criterion E (Possible Products link) and document/explain how you used them otherwise you will receive low/no marks for criterion E (7 marks available). The necessary info that you need for the IA and the examination papers can be found on http://itgskit.com/IA1.html. We hope that it can be a useful resource for you and your school! We made an IA checklist as well to help make sure you include all the correct documentation! Let us know how you're getting along, we're always happy to help ITGS Kit - https://www.facebook.com/ITGSKIT/ - https://twitter.com/ItgsKit - https://www.instagram.com/itgskit/
  3. Stuart Gray's Information Technology in a Global Society is a valid textbook for the current syllabus. Also use www.itgskit.com as a resource.
  4. In terms of deadlines from the IB, the IA grade upload data for May 2018 examinations is around Feb/Mar. As for your project, a website would be feasible under the 'Multimedia' product type as defined by the IB. And of course databases are also accepted. Combining the two would be a very laborious task and would like fall under the coding type of project given you will need to use a technology such as ASP.NET to link the site to the database. You could make a website as long as you meet 3 of the advanced criteria for a multimedia product (Possible Products link). For the grading side, your product will achieve a mark from criterion G (Required Elements) if it functions properly. And if you document the advanced techniques and explain them, there are 7 marks available for Criterion E (Product Development). Your main focus should be on documenting the process as well as possible within the recommended 2000 word limit. Hope this helps! itgskit.com
  5. You should really look to focus that question a little more. For example, "What effect do online rating mediums such as Yelp have on restaurant businesses in the United States" If you narrow things down to particular business types and a particular area it will allow a lot more opportunity to get detailed data on the issue. Check www.itgskit.com for more tips!
  6. Coming a bit late, but we hope www.itgskit.com might help you to decide!

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