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  1. sarv

    Ib grade 9 science

    Thank you!
  2. sarv

    Ib grade 9 science

    Thank you!
  3. sarv

    Ib grade 9 science

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be studying grade 9 pre-ib at St.Roberts next year, and I was wondering if anyone knows what science textbook is used for the science course? Even if you didn't go there, any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Sarvnaz
  4. sarv

    Pre Ib grade 9 math

    Thank you! This was super helpful!
  5. sarv

    Pre Ib grade 9 math

    I'll bear that in mind thanks I'm still curious though, and I figured having a head start never hurts.....
  6. sarv

    Pre Ib grade 9 math

    Thank you! I'm going to St.Roberts (Ontario).
  7. sarv

    Pre Ib grade 9 math

    Hi everyone! I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for Math textbooks, websites or study guides that follow the grade 9 Ib curriculum? I wanted to see what subjects I haven't studied yet and which ones I'll have an easy time with. It'd be cool if you even name the textbook you used..... Tips for other subjects are appreciated too! Thank you!
  8. sarv

    IB intake test

    Good luck!
  9. sarv

    St. Roberts Acceptance Chances

    Hey! I just completed the test too and I'm very curious about how I did. Does anyone know how well one has to do to get in? (I know it's really hard to say but just an estimation)
  10. sarv

    Written profile PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you all for your help. I did the test and I think I did pretty good! I'm doing the St.Robert's test tomorrow.
  11. sarv

    St Rob admission PLEASE HELP

    Thank you! I've also done Pascal and Gaus tests and both seem easy. You just boosted my self-esteem!
  12. Hi everyone! Earlier I made a post asking about Bayview's admission process. However, I'm also applying for St Roberts and I'm really nervous. It's my first year in Canada, but my English is pretty good. I have full marks for every single subject in my grade seven report card and all my grade eights are above 95 besides my gym, which is a mid-eighty. I've done the ssat upper-level questions and they seem pretty easy. I know it's hard to say, but do you think I have a good chance of getting in? Please help me! I'm really really stressed over this!
  13. sarv

    Written profile PLEASE HELP

    Thank you so much! I'm actually new to Canada (I've only been here for a few months) So I'm pretty clueless about these things. Thankfully, I'm not ESL.
  14. Hello! I'm a grade 8 Canadian student applying for Bayview High school's pre-Ib. I know that besides the French and English and math, there is also a written profile. Does anyone know how that works? Please please please help me!! How long does it have to be? What do you have to write?

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