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  1. Lyckstolp

    What does your username mean?

    In my case, "Lyckstolp" is a variation or intentional misspelling of the word "lycktstolpe" which is Swedish for "lamp post" (This since I am of Swedish nationality). The reason for choosing this specific object as my username is due to the fact that when I "created" it (around five years ago) I was obsessed with the game League of Legends, and the character Jax was my favourite champion to play at the time (he uses a lamp post as his weapon).
  2. Lyckstolp

    Help Differentiating an Equation?

    Below is a screenshot of the solution using the power rule to find the derivative.
  3. This is a informative and detailed guiding document that give explanations and instructions for understanding and using descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel. The file is divided into two parts - The first part explaining concepts and the second part giving instructions for how to use it in Excel. Note that this document only covers for: Quartiles Interquartile Range and Semi-Interquartile Range Outlier detection Standard deviation A description for the median will also be explained. As this file is aimed to help those who are doing their Psychology IA there is also a section about how to plot a column chart showing median/mean values with S.D/SIQR as error bars.

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