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  1. As title says I don’t know if I can redo my IA from the past exams, since I presented back in May of 2018. I’ve seen that some people have stated that it is possible to retake both exams and IA, mentioning that is necessary that the student has or is taken classes in the previous school in which he or she was registered for the original exam session, but this contradicts with what my IB coordinator says. Apparently I can only resit the exams, but as you are aware IA have a noticeable impact upon final remarks, therefore I want to increase my opportunities in achieving a good grade in my subjects, maybe some of you have had or heard of similar cases, any help is appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Jaime_Mldz

    Help with Historical Investigation

    Hello! My idea for the SL investigation is to talk about Kristallnacht, since I've always been interested in the topics that surround WW2, I thought this was a good point to start from. I will like to talk about the consequences that this specific event had on the continuation of WW2, how the violent-ish way of acting had repercussions on the German side, and how was Hitler's totalitarianism shaped atm of the event, is this a good theme/topic to talk about, I'm pretty sure I have to narrow it down more, if so, what you think about, in this paper do we also ask a question that will be answered throughout the reader's analysis?. Any ideas, details, questions are greatly appreciated, thank you! Greetings,
  3. Jaime_Mldz

    Math IA Topic help

    Hi All, As the title says, I need help with my Math IA, I was thinking on doing a "possible prediction" with the Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, to guess the temperature of a yet ,unchosen island on the world in a random year (maybe some place affected by global warming), as well as a formula that could give me an approximate result, it's explicit to say that I will see if there exists a strong, weak, very strong or zero correlation on the temperatures, I plan on maybe doing a period of 12 terms each of 5 years on, for example: Years 1940 1945 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2020 2070 Temperatures 30.0° 29.0° 29.7° 29.9° 30.2° 31.1° 33.2° 33.0° 33.5° 33.6° 34.0° 34.1° ? ? ? Now, I would like to hear any ideas, tips, things I can look up to, that you have, I don't know if this is too simple, or too much of the same ,etc. Any answers or doubts are well received! Regards,

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