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  1. kaylabear

    Redoing my math ia in two days?

    The data I chose is "this much of that". In the one column in my table i have "this much of total number" and in the other column I have "total"... Trying to do any math with it I've come to see as almost impossible. I can do a percentage with it but that's about it. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do with my data that would be fantastic so I wouldn't have to completely redo my IA.
  2. kaylabear

    Redoing my math ia in two days?

    My Math Studies IA finl copy is due Wednesday. However, I've just come to the realization that my question and data don't really do anything. There's nothing to really test with it. Is it possible to redo an IA in two days if I pull an all nighter tonight and possibly tomorrow?
  3. My math class has been assigned our IA's this past month. I'm wondering what kind of math processes would fit my topic best. the question is "Is there a correlation between number of drunk teen drivers and the total number of alcohol related crashes?" Although I'm not even sure if correlation would fit this best. I have to have the math portion of my IA done Wednesday so I'd really appreciate some helpful feedback.
  4. kaylabear

    History ia topic idea

    So if I was to look at how Germany economy was affected by this, that would be better suited?
  5. kaylabear

    History ia topic idea

    After discussion in my tok class, I've chosen to investigate the Wannsee conference. My question would be along the lines of "To what extent did the Wannsee conference affect Germany as a country?" Would this be alright to work with?
  6. kaylabear

    History ia topic idea

    So I am required to come up with a topic by myself and my teacher is not a big help in narrowing a topic. However she says it has to be within WW1, WW2, or the Cold War. After doing some research I came a story of a man who helped tremendously in the rescuing of Jewish children during the Holocaust. This I would think works since it was during the time of WW2. Im thinking of making my question : To what extent did (person name) play a role in the rescuing of Jewish children during the Holocaust? Would this be an okay question?

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