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  1. So I really want to get into the top colleges in USA, Canada and UK. My career choice is in the field of Economics/Actuarial Science. My subjects are English A (Literature) SL Spanish ab initio SL Math HL Economics HL Comp Sc HL Should I take Physics SL or BM SL for a stronger application?
  2. Thanks a lot. What are your thoughts about Saad Business School which is under Oxford University? Also, do you have an idea about which extracurriculars matter?
  3. Yeah. Agreed. I didn't mean to be a bigot. I was just frustrated with the mainstream opinion and therefore assumed that individual opinions from IB Alumni would be different and logical. So I spurt out my frustration on her, which I did apologise for. I'm a human. For the advice, thanks. But I really want to get into Wharton and do a major in Economics, hence choosing BM as HL. Thanks a lot. Rock On.
  4. I'm so sorry you feel this way. I'm not disregarding your opinion, I just wanted my opinion and my question to be validated.
  5. Thank God the IB community hasn't seen this answer of yours or else you would be bashed. The syllabi are different. Just because two subjects cater to career in similar fields, that doesn't mean that they are similar. There's a huge variation between the subjects, which can be clearly separated by the NAMES. Thanks a lot though, let me go see a counsellor now.
  6. Yes, thanks for the advice, although I have a question. Why is the combination of Economics and Business Management not advisable?
  7. I plan on pursuing something in the field of Economics basically Accounting, Finance and Corporate Market. My subjects are:- Mathematics HL Economics HL Business Management HL English Literature SL Spanish SL ab initio Computer Science SL
  8. Thanks for the reply. So if I choose History, should I choose History HL or SL? ,which will correspond to choosing my SL or HL for Comp.
  9. I am on the verge of choosing my IB subjects: Math HL Economics HL Computers SL/HL Spanish ab initio English Language + Literature SL Should I choose Business Management, as according to popular belief, Business Management is considered a soft subject and my application may not meet the requirements? And if not, which subject should I choose?
  10. I am on the verge of choosing my subjects: Math HL Economics HL Comp Sc HL/SL Spanish ab initio English LangLit SL For my final subject, which subject should I choose to get into the finance field because seemingly Business Management is considered a soft subject by Ivy League and top UK Universities?
  11. PJS18

    Choice of Subjects

    My subject choices for IB are:- Mathematics HL Economics HL Computer Science HL/SL Spanish ab initio LangLit SL I am planning to pursue Finance or Finance and Accounting or Business Analytics and Business Management as my career. However, I have read that choosing Business Management as a subject is considered a 'soft subject' for UK universities and the syllabus is very generic. Should I choose Business Management, or should I choose any other subject and which?
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