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  1. Banned because I came back
  2. Banned because somehow you two broke my record for posts in this thread
  3. +3 from Africa to Antartica Asia 81 Africa 96 Europe 56 Australia 43 S. America 4 Antartica 66
  4. hot because you study at St. Andrews
  5. Banned because I still have the most posts in this thread
  6. Banned because I have to go to work again
  7. Banned because I have to go to work
  8. Banned for liking Kermit the Frog. too much green.
  9. Banned because I need one more ban to be ahead of Desy
  10. I'm 5'9 or 5'10. Want to be 6'1 though
  11. I wish ... no NP has any pet including fish
  12. A. Facebook Q. Favorite youtube video?
  13. Banned for being the Fire Fist Ace
  14. Shine. Canada or Alaska?