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  1. Vedanshi7

    Option - Paper 3

    Hey guys! How are you? I would like your suggestion on the option that I should choose for my paper 3 Physics HL. I wanted to take relativity, but my teacher is strongly recommending imaging. Please put your suggestions below. The options are: A: Relativity B: Engineering Physics C: Imaging Astrophysics Thank You. All the best for your exams. 😄
  2. Vedanshi7

    Example of physics ee

    http://ibcb.ca/ee/physics/physicsexemplar2.pdf Hey! here is the link to an extended essay that got 11.
  3. Vedanshi7

    Physics Extended Essay Experiment

    I will keep that in mind
  4. Vedanshi7

    Physics Extended Essay Experiment

    OK thank you
  5. Vedanshi7

    Physics Extended Essay Experiment

    I will look at that, where could I take secondary data from?
  6. Vedanshi7

    Physics Extended Essay Experiment

    OKay That is awesome but how do I ensure to have constant speed?
  7. Hey guys! I am doing my extended essay in physics, and I want to do it on how the speed of a soccer ball affect its projectile motion for this experiment I will have to keep a constant speed while I kick the soccer ball. How do I keep a constant speed? Also, does doing experiments on simulation affect our grades? It would be great if you could help me out. Thanks in advance. P.S. please reply ASAP!
  8. Vedanshi7

    Physics Extended Essay topic

    Hello guys, I have taken Extended Essay in Physics which is my HL subject, I was thinking of doing it on the Projectile motion in soccer. Is it a good topic? What experiment can I do in it?
  9. Vedanshi7

    Written Task One Part Two Ideas

    What are the aims? Thank you for the reply
  10. Hey Guys, I have to write a written task for part two of my English language and literature course. I am an English SL student, and my draft is due next week. I would appreciate your ideas on the text type and the topic I could choose for this Written Task. Thank you so much in advance.

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