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  1. Shilpa Rajesh

    CBSE to IB

    Hello! I am currently studying in the CBSE curriculum and I am contemplating whether I should choose the IBDP programme next year or not. I’ve gone through the syllabus and I find it very interesting. I’ve found great schools that offer the IBDP in my area. But some people I’ve spoken to (adults, who haven’t done the IB) are telling me that since I’ve been doing the CBSE curriculum all this time, I’ll find the transition very difficult. I would like to hear the advice and/or experiences of students that have transitioned from CBSE to IB. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I was wondering if a former IB student who got into the above mentioned college could tell me the requirements for gaining an admission. Also some tips for the interview and such. Thanks in advance!
  3. Shilpa Rajesh

    Questions from a potential IB student

    Hello! I am in currently in Grade 10 (CBSE), I am looking to transfer to the IBDP next year. I have a few questions so I thought I would ask all of them together. 1. Is the transition from CBSE to IB really hard? I am willing to take on a huge workload but I want to know what to expect. 2. I am looking to get into a medical college in the UK and I wanted to know whether Maths HL is mandatory, I would like to take Biology and Chemistry at HL. Since I am not a very "mathematically inclined" person I wonder whether it would be fine if I took Math at SL? 3. Also if anyone could suggest a suitable subject combination for me that would be highly appreciated. I am quite good at languages (English and French) and Science. Thanks in advance!

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