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  1. The are a lot of examples in ib survival,but you must pay or be a vip(post 100).
  2. according the webs of pku , ib requirement in 2017 are: 1.at least 3 hl subjects( related to the major ) 2.total scores up to 35 3.chinese hl scores up to 6 http://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=31&id=1661
  3. Get questionbanksmay more helpful. Good luck!
  4. Taking a rest is necessary,but don't forget keeping going. Good luck.
  5. In top unis' websites, ib requirements usually are math hl or sl(even STEM programs). However , math sl usually has a little bit chance to get offers from STEM programs of top unis .
  6. dessiry


    First,it depends on what subjects your friend' school apply.For example,in my school,there is even no psychology in individual and scoiety(only are history,geography business and economy). And also there may be some limits in your friend's school.For example,in my school,dp students must choose Chinese and English as language a or b. So,I would suggest that your friend would better to ask his/her school ,what subjects and what limits there are .
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