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  1. boppo

    moving during ib

    quick update: that school would be unable to give me a seat, which was expected because my classes were *so* different. we did find another school that offers a very similar curriculum, and i'm most likely gonna be going there. the only kink (theres always a goddamn problem lol) is that i wouldn't be able to take film my senior year, so i have to finish it up this year. my teacher is really good though, and he's working with me to get everything situated. i am a bit worried about the increase in workload though, being honest.
  2. boppo

    Film Oral

    it should be as close to 15 minutes as possible, yes
  3. boppo

    moving during ib

    tbh i don't really care what english class i take. the problem is is that the school can't accept me into their ib program because i haven't had the english class i needed junior year. as of right now, its not online so i don't know how i would make up my junior year. personally, i'd rather stay here, but thats likely not possible. i dont mind changing schools that much it just seems like its going to be such a mess. i don't really want to have to take 2 extra ib classes next semester to catch up. and i don't really care about going to college early. i just don't want to drop ib. idk it would feel like im failing (which i know is irrational but i still feel like that)
  4. boppo

    moving during ib

    my school calls out lit course world literature- its literature hl. sorry for the confusion lol also i would be able to make up math if i end up going to that school (and they offer film as an arts credit). lit is the main issue. hope this clears things up
  5. boppo

    moving during ib

    I am finishing up my first semester of ib, and a new school. My dad got a job in another state, so we'll have to move at the beginning of the summer. It would be fine, except for finding a school that offers the classes I took/ am taking this year. Like, one doesn't offer film, the other doesn't offer world literature and offers a higher level math. I would be able to make up the math, but completely their lang course is difficult- it's not offered online. Recently, my mom had been discussing me during an early college thing where I would complete my junior year at a community college, but that would requiring me completely my second semester of senior year in Florida. I'm just kinda torn between my options: see if I can stay here in missouri, find a way to make ib work in Florida, or drop ib and do the early college thing.

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