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  1. rams

    Chem IA help pleaseee

    Could you please give an example of what you mean by a creative procedure? Thanks tho man!
  2. rams

    Chem IA help pleaseee

    I think I have an idea of what I want to do but I reckon it is too simple, can I please have some advice- I am thinking of changing the concentration of a ligand (not too sure which one) and measure the absorption, or maybe do this with one or two other ligands. Then I will sketch a graph and use the Beer-Lambert law to determine the value of eb. Please let me know if it is bad or not, I am kind of struggling.
  3. rams

    HL/SL choices

    It’s been a semester of IB so far (live in Australia) and I’m currently on a 7 in Chem, a 6 in physics and a 5 in maths. So yeah, we’re just deciding our SL/HL choices now, I think I’ll do those 3 because I really enjoy them. thanks for your reply
  4. rams

    HL/SL choices

    Hey everyone, I’m wondering whether I should do HL Maths, Physics and Chem and SL English Lit, Chinese B and Economics or do HL economics instead of HL physics. But quite frankly I hate economics so I would preferably like to do physics at higher level because 1. It interests me and 2. I would like to do aerospace engineering after school. So I’m just wondering, would doing HL maths, physics and Chem be a suicidal decision? Or would I be better off doing HL maths, Chem and eco? Thankssss
  5. rams

    How to study HL physics

    Hey everyone, this is a very generic question but how should you study for physics? My teacher really rushes through topics and I’m finding it hard to understand how to apply the theory. So far we’ve done topics 1-4 and I’ve found mechanics the hardest because we did not spend enough time on it, we also barely learnt the theory and went straight into past paper questions. Waves and thermal physics on the other hand I found quite straight forward. Is the best approach to first study the theory and take notes and then do questions? Or is there better methods Thanks
  6. Hey everyone, So I’m doing Chinese B SL next year and I’ve been studying proper Chinese since year 7 (prep school chinese was a joke). I was talking to a guy doing SL Chinese B this year and he said it’s harder than HL maths and physics. I know this is just one persons opinion but does anyone else find it this challenging? I’m just wondering. I always found Chinese relatively enjoyable and easy, although this year it got a bit boring as all we did was the Chinese made easy textbook every lesson. so yeah, is it that hard? Thankss.
  7. Hey everyone. So next year I’m going into the IB with- English A Literature, Chinese B, Economics, Chemistry, Maths HL and Physics. I really wanted to do Film HL but I thought it’s better to keep my options open and do two sciences instead as I would like to study engineering or medicine in uni. So im just wondering, would doing HL maths, physics and chemistry be way too much? I really love maths and I’m pretty decent at it. I’m also pretty good with managing workloads and im really interested in sciences but I still want to get a good final grade. Or would it be better to swap HL chemistry for HL Economics? Thanksss

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