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  1. Hi So my TOK teacher took a major sick leave in the middle of DP1 and has not returned to teach since. Because the school had to find a substitute for most of DP1 we didn't have much choice but to self-study TOK- also I had the old TOK book, so I was in a tough shape. My teacher this year wants us to start with TOK presentations in two weeks. So, I'm terribly stressed and need a couple words on how to do this and not just survive - like I want to thrive!!! Any tips please- like ib resources, youtube channels, websites, words of encouragement are all welcome here. My goal is to get 40+ in IB so that I can join Lanterna- and be a tutor and travel the world. It sounds weird that I want to do this to do more IB stuff but I'm actually really interested
  2. so i've some discussions where people show their predicted and their actual.. so when do you actually receive a predicted score? In your first year after mock exams? or before the exams? or does it mean that your teacher predicts it and tells you based on your prior assessments and then give you your predicted score? Im guessing the actual score means that the person already finished IB exams and is taking part in the discussion because they are kind people and are willing to help poor souls in need??
  3. Korea -currently into the Hallyu wave, love the food, the language, been there as a kid but everything else that I love about the country is gaining solely from youtube or dramas California (U.S) - raised there and have many friends there. FOOD. SUN. BEACHES Japan- sakura leaves, picturesque landscape, food, cat island, fox haven, lots of places, vending machines, i grew up watching japanese animations (spirited away anyone??) I live in Norway so I've already done some Europe tours, and I also visited Malaysia alot as a kid. So basically I know the difference. Haha. im sorry but i love asia and the food there. hmm.. but i love Denmark.. i just love the urban life and the atmosphere. i travel a lot because of my parents during the holidays so i definitely will get a chance to do what i want in the future although it might not be in the near future
  4. Thanks so much. I talked to my group about it and I think we will do something along the lines of a script with some really dramatic moments and then have some talk to the class (our audience) about the elements and to end it we'll have some interpretations and connections to themes. My group is very passive and they just agreed with what I said (I was hoping for some suggestions.. but nothing) . I'll speak to my English teacher tomorrow to confirm that this presentation is OK. I guess i was stressing to much over 15% which doesn't all depend on this one activity.. haha Thanks again!!
  5. English A (HL) How to go about studying? Do I just read the texts and take notes in class? What more can I do to further enhance my critical thinking and analyzing skills of literature. I think I need help with thinking further and into what the author may have had in mind while writing their book or text or poem.. Biology HL I have tried many methods for studying Bio.. My main go-to is simply to go over the textbook (pearson) and then over the databased questions she gave us.. I find that I study everything without much thought on what may appear on the test the most.. so I end up studying something less(?) important than what may appear.. What are other methods that have worked for you? Chemistry HL Chemistry right now is going very smoothly, I have gotten a 7 for my first test and a 6+ for my second and most recent test. Norwegian B I desperately need some tips on how to study for my second language. The class is so diverse, ranging from people who are in group 1 with almost 0 vocabulary and group 2 with moderate vocabulary and group 3 who are almost fluent.. So because of this the teacher doesn't have as much time to focus on group 2 students which is where I am located.. There is only one class for Nowegian B and so the class is big and distracted... not a lot of students are interested in class and like to play on their phones (which makes this a bad learning environment) I basically need tips and some motivation.. TT- TT Math SL Math is not so bad, I personally enjoy the class, because the pace in class is not very fast and the teacher is very good in explaining (also I have learned this stuff prior to IB) I think i just need to be taking a time in every day or every other day to practice the math questions so i get the hang of it Any tips on how to study for when it gets harder?? Anthropology SL i think that right now I am slowly grasping the essence of this class and on how to study for it.. I am not that interested in the theory but more of the ethnographic studies.. so I think its all about having the right attitude. I just need to be engaged. What do you all think? I think i just need some motivation,, especially since Norway is basically night all day now in the winter period. My mood has been swinging like crazy, i have been basically quite bipolar >< (god pls shine light on this dark place)
  6. Hey hey I am new here. I started IB program in Norway and I am in DP2 so I am taking things slow but learning to keep my own pace with studying! Of course along the way I am learning about time management and learning new skills. Anyhow, I am currently struck with a new assignment from my English A teacher. He has split the class into groups of three and wants us to have a further oral activity in these groups. Apparently, he will allow class participation although the students that are presenting will be the only ones assessed. Most of the texts that we have studied for the first two months are about the cultural context of the text and the guide states that the groups can have a dramatic presentation or a speech. Our teacher wants us to have a thesis statement so I assume that the dramatic presentation is more or less out of the question? I am planning on asking him.. I am slightly stressing out because he said that this will be weighed as 15% on the final grade (and i do not have much knowledge of the weighing system and its affect on my grades for the overall class) I am confused because I know that I have 1 and a half year left until the exams and that the exams do account for about 50% of my grade while other assessments taken before the exams are taken into account as to what your grade will become. So what I want to know is if this 15% could potentially bring my whole score down if I totally fail this assessment... I am planning on choosing two poems for this FOA The victorian hangman tells his love, and dulce et decorum est. If any of you have read and analyzed these poems, how do you suggest I go about writing my thesis? Should I compare their theme(s)? or should I just compare structure, elements such as allusion and metaphors and tone, or??? The guide isn't so clear so I am glad that I can choose the best FOA performance, but as of right now I am completely lost. If you can answer any of these questions I have concerning the English FOA, I'd appreciate it a lot Gracias IB amigos. Vi ses

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