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  1. Hey, So I have been doing HL math for about the last 6 months of so, and I have done Topic 1, Topic 2, and Topic 3, and I more or less understand the topics, but the problem is when it comes to tests or quizzes I dont know how to attempt these questions, its like I have never seen them before. Can someone guide me on how I can study and learn these question as I am about 2-3 grade points under where I want to be. Thanks.
  2. Alright thanks
  3. nothing?
  4. So I am in grade 11, and I have done about 6 months of HL math and I am struggling, I dont know how to study and how to push my grade up from a 3, I am fairly good at math but I just dont know how to prepare for the questions we see in the unit tests and quizzes. Our school does tests every unit. Please gimme some solid tips.