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  1. 3dollars

    How do you cite latin text?

    Hi, I'm taking Latin SL and my we have a new teacher for our class. (he doesn't really know what's going on) I need to know how to format: How do you cite latin translations for the ia when you analyze it? Am I supposed to include the original text along with the translation in my dossier? how do I cite pictures? if you have any links to examples or whatever, that would be greatly appreciated
  2. 3dollars

    IB Memes

    CALLING ALL CREATIVE PEOPLE!! hey, i need something to laugh at... please? and you could count this as creativity!
  3. 3dollars

    can i write my EE on comic books for history?

    Thanks for the replies! I really want to do something related to comic books (but don't worry if i can't do it i have a legit back up) Could I do something like how the US went from isolationism to interventionism?
  4. Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars. how could I make a research question out of this?

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