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  1. AmanyMahran

    Language B EE - viva voce

    I'm doing EE in language B too and we just had our viva voces last month. If you're doing ur exams in English then do your viva voce in English but write your reflections in the EE language, in this case French. That's what my school does every year.
  2. AmanyMahran

    History IA about Suez Crisis

    I'm doing history HL nd I am interested in doing my History IA about the effect of the Suez crisis on ending the British Empire. Is this a good topic? Is it overdone? Thanks in Advance
  3. Hi all! I'm doing my EE in Business and it's about job satisfaction and high labour turnover rates in my school. For my research I'm using a job satisfaction survey, some interviews, and data collected from the school like official reports and statistics. The issue is that this is mainly primary research and I know the EE has to be based on secondary research but I don't know what to use as I can't find online articles, etc about my school (obviously!). So can anyone help me in this? What can be secondary research in business EE when you're using a local organization? Thanks!
  4. AmanyMahran

    Trinity College Dublin

    How is Trinity College Dublin in terms of academics and international reputation? I wanna study Politics.
  5. AmanyMahran

    EE - which subject to choose?

    I think it depends on the university you're applying to. Some universities see that doing an EE in science or maths (which is obviously very challenging) reflects that the student is a risk taker and is willing to carry out a real scientific research. And accordingly, they don't pay much attention to whether you got an A or not (but I'm not saying go and get a D!). These universities see that "IB is all about taking risks and challenging yourself", and if u choose a "relatively" easy subject, they'll take it as if you've just chosen the easier way to get more points. Other universities don't pay much attention to the topic of your extended essay and just count your points in IB. I don't know much about how UK universities evaluate it honestly. But I'd say if you already have a college list, start contacting some admission officers from those universities and ask about how they evaluate the EE. Good luck
  6. AmanyMahran

    EE Business Question

    Hi guys, " To what extent were differences in cultures between X and Y the reason for the failure of their merger?" Do u think this can be a good idea for my extended essay? I can rephrase the question later though.

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