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  1. eelooo

    Exam session

    Hi, I just have a question . I have already registered for the may session and decided to take a gap year and I could really use the extra time to study as it is a challenging course. Do you think I could change my session to November now? Would ib let me?
  2. eelooo

    math sl ia help

    i want to do my math sl ia on Zeno's paradox Achillies and the turtle. I need help on how to actually approach this
  3. thank you so much for replying trig and vectors are definitely my stronger areas of math I was just scared that the topic wasn't good enough for a good grade on my ia since my teacher has not made any comments on it.
  4. Hello, I have been really struggling to find an IA topic I am in math sl . My teacher tries to be helpful but he is an extremely busy man, I really want to do something on Sundials such as how sundials are made, I just don't know if this is a good IA topic I am very lost I know I want to do something with sundials but don't know exactly what. Maybe I could do something with the equation of time?
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