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  1. Hi, Next year, I will be going into my IB years. I am not good at french and I was wondering what I can do to prepare for IB French B SL. This year, I was quite confused with a lot of the lessons and assessments so I wanted to know the steps I can take to be on the right track for next year. I am in Ontario, Canada (might be easier to answer my question with a bit of context). Appreciate all the help, Neil
  2. Yes, you are not required to know anything prior to taking physics. I do think that if you learn some vectors it might help you throughout the course. But don't worry too much.
  3. Yes Environmental Systems is considered to be of least rigor. As for the SL science you choose, I think it should be predicated on which branch of science you enjoy the most - because ultimately even if a subject is of higher rigor, you have more motivation to put effort into it. Obviously, if you don't enjoy the sciences at all, this doesn't really apply :)
  4. Very interesting take. The recognition of the fact that communism and socialism had/has profound effects on an economic and social level should be a clear call to the left in the Western world (ye mainly talking about the US here) that large governmental control does that lead to problems being fixed (whether that be through high taxes, obamacare, government subsidized welfare programs, etc). This is heavily exemplified in HK since from the 1960s to 2002, their GDP per capita has rose in a comparable rate to the US (even greater slope/gradient in some years) which we can thank to HK's differing socio-economic policies in comparison to China. And more on Trump, I think that he says false, outlandish or decisive things and more generally, is not a very professional politician in terms of his rhetoric. However, imo, what people ought to be focusing on is the policies them self whether you fall on the agreeing or opposing side which I believe the media is not doing much of. In my final thoughts,I would say this was a poor run from the democrats in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton expected to win many states which in turn Trump won. However, I am quite surprised how close it was in Texas (well not that close but a 1 million voter difference is quite small considering that TX is a very conservative state)
  5. neil072


    That is quite interesting, because I am from YRDSB and I am going into Maple H.S which is one of the schools that has a complete lack of courses (and has the same exact courses to choose from as you). My IB coordinator said unless there was a large interest from people, they wouldn't add the courses. These include subjects such as math and physics at HL, economics (SL/HL) and other courses like computer science for example. So, you can try to get a bunch of students to petition for more courses I suppose. Good luck!
  6. Is there a reason why there is no calculus in physics (not even in HL)? I really don't want to memorize formulas, calculus just makes the concepts so much more elegant especially through derivations
  7. Right now, our IB school is quite new. With that being said, we barely have any courses to choose from. We don't have math HL, physics HL, (two subjects I really want to take), further mathematics (which I doubt will be added anyways), economics SL or HL and there may be more which I can't recall at the moment. My question is, how can I convince the school to add some of these courses? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi so I am going into pre-IB grade 10 in late August 2018 and I was wondering if someone wanted to study over Skype or Discord (although I would have to text because I usually can't video call) mainly grade 10 pre-IB, and IB year 1 and 2 topics. I would mainly like to study science and mathematics but any other courses are welcome (I am horrible at french btw). I am particularly interested in someone who is at or 1 higher my grade level, and also who is from either Canada or the US (I am from Ontario, Canada) so the course material will be similar. I am not saying these are requirements but I think it would be beneficial. So, if you are interested, let me know! Thanks Neil
  9. Thank you Eren for your help. I appreciate the time you put into replying .
  10. Hi I hope all is doing well. So, I was late for the application of grade 9 pre-IB so I am going to school at a regular grade 9 level. I am now going into grade 10 pre-IB beginning next August. I know I will do fine in most subjects but I am mainly concerned about mathematics, science and French. For both math and science I am quite strong (in the 90s for the most part) but I understand for math that you do grade 10 IB math AND functions (which is regularly in grade 11). So I'm simply wondering if I can manage those courses coming from a regular grade 9 math program. As for science, I am not really worried because this is one of my stronger suites but any key points that may stand out would be appreciated. In terms of French and English, that is where my concerns lie with the most. I don't have French this semester so I can't throw a grade out there but again the question remains - how different is it from the regular school curriculum? (Wondering the same for English) I would appreciate any help as always. Thanks (By the way, I live in Canada in the province of Ontario)
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