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  1. Yeah it's uni lover, long story. Good luck to you too!
  2. Hey there, your subjects seem fine from what I can tell, and a friend of mine wants to AI as well and his subjects are similar to yourself. Idk about the math thing since the new syllabus is applicable to your year group first and I haven't heard much about it. From my math HL teacher, I've gathered that both are going to be really complicated with a lot of application to real-life examples. Additionally, with your physics and pysch problem, my friend is taking physics if that helps. But I think that had more to do with the fact that he enjoyed the subject. What are your arguments for choosing pysch tho? Agh, my highest yet is a 15/20 so I really need to push that up cuz my IA was real ****. For Criteria C, I usually structure my arguments as well as I can so that the balance is obvious. 1. Point - Argument 2. Explanation (Theory and Application to Business) 3. Evidence - An event or example of something the company did 4. Stakeholder Analysis 5. Balance
  3. Oh yeah there's a whole load of people who decided not to fast this time because of the exams. I mean it makes sense cuz they'd want to be on their A-game but Ramadan is usually a really big thing for some of these people, so yeah
  4. Yeah, I chose to kill myself with other HLs. Currently stuck on CUEGIS while trying to make some arguments for all 30 possibilities (now that I type it out loud, it sounds really dumb xD). I'm gonna to Apple, gotta stay loyal to the lifestyle 😂 How's Coca Cola tho>
  5. Aaaaaahhh, paper 1 was pretty good actually except I got pressed for time with the 10 mark question... when I was leaving the room, it hit me that omg that's going to the IB xD And yeah paper 2 tmrw as well, still worried about CUEGIS after like thousands of practices wbu?
  6. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. And it also really helps to use your IA company for your CUEGIS since you'd already know so much about the company and wouldn't have to do a lot of extra research while preparing.
  7. Uptown School, United Arab Emirates, 2019
  8. For the stats option, is there any way to do negative binomial distribution on the Casio fx cg 20?
  9. Could you expand on how HL and SL differ? From what I've asked my teachers, they seem the same but just SL has less time.
  10. Right now, I'm in English LangLit HL and have the option to drop it to SL cuz I already have 3 other HL subjects. However, the sole reason why I'm hesitating is because of the more time we get during exams. I feel as if the extra hour lets me write MUCH MORE and go more in depth in my analysis that I would be able to in SL. What do you guys think?
  11. Is there any way possible that someone can take 2 sciences, AND a group 6 subject? Like for example, Physics, Chem and Visual Arts by somehow swapping out another subject from group 2 or 4? Or will I have to take it as a 7th subject? And if so, how should I go about it? Like is there some sort of form or proposal or an email by which I can contact the IB?
  12. Well I'm currently equally in depth in both topics, but one is more of an exploration/investigation with a practical apporach kind of project than the other which is a more theory and multiple math topics based project. I like both topics equally but I'm assuming that unis will be more insterested in my EE since it has more general importance in the IB. So taking that in consideration as well, should I go with the practical exploration project for my EE and the theoretical + variety explaining for my IA?
  13. As of right now, I have two really great topics, one greater than the other, for my Math EE and Math HL IA. Since I was looking for topics, I decided to research for both together but now I don't know what to assign with the stronger topic.
  14. Hey! My teacher has a great website that's his own for Business and Management and has tons of great worksheets, explainations and more for your BM HL! Check it out at jtmarchant.com ! Good luck joining the rest of the fighters!
  15. What about exploring how geometry and other math concepts are used in architecture to address building perfomnace, aesthetics, religion, etc by investigating the architectural plan of the Teatro Marittimo in Hadrian's Villa?
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