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  1. For the stats option, is there any way to do negative binomial distribution on the Casio fx cg 20?
  2. XXuni_loverXx

    English Lang Lit HL vs SL

    Could you expand on how HL and SL differ? From what I've asked my teachers, they seem the same but just SL has less time.
  3. Right now, I'm in English LangLit HL and have the option to drop it to SL cuz I already have 3 other HL subjects. However, the sole reason why I'm hesitating is because of the more time we get during exams. I feel as if the extra hour lets me write MUCH MORE and go more in depth in my analysis that I would be able to in SL. What do you guys think?
  4. Is there any way possible that someone can take 2 sciences, AND a group 6 subject? Like for example, Physics, Chem and Visual Arts by somehow swapping out another subject from group 2 or 4? Or will I have to take it as a 7th subject? And if so, how should I go about it? Like is there some sort of form or proposal or an email by which I can contact the IB?
  5. XXuni_loverXx

    What's more important, IA or EE?

    Well I'm currently equally in depth in both topics, but one is more of an exploration/investigation with a practical apporach kind of project than the other which is a more theory and multiple math topics based project. I like both topics equally but I'm assuming that unis will be more insterested in my EE since it has more general importance in the IB. So taking that in consideration as well, should I go with the practical exploration project for my EE and the theoretical + variety explaining for my IA?
  6. XXuni_loverXx

    What's more important, IA or EE?

    As of right now, I have two really great topics, one greater than the other, for my Math EE and Math HL IA. Since I was looking for topics, I decided to research for both together but now I don't know what to assign with the stronger topic.
  7. XXuni_loverXx

    IB youtube teachers , URGENT !!

    Hey! My teacher has a great website that's his own for Business and Management and has tons of great worksheets, explainations and more for your BM HL! Check it out at jtmarchant.com ! Good luck joining the rest of the fighters!
  8. XXuni_loverXx

    Is my math EE topic about architecture too broad???

    What about exploring how geometry and other math concepts are used in architecture to address building perfomnace, aesthetics, religion, etc by investigating the architectural plan of the Teatro Marittimo in Hadrian's Villa?
  9. I'm on the same boat as you and I would recommend taking Physics as an HL. Most of the reputed universities I've researched require you to take either Math, Physics and Chemistry at HL for architecture (like National University of Singapore). I'm sure most students would be trying their hardest by taking all 3 at HL, but I would recommend taking Art instead of Chemistry from personal experience because most universities require a visual portfolio and taking Art HL pushes you to do your best artworks that you will be able to use for that portfolio. Second of all, I would recommend also taking History (just at SL) because its really easy to then make an EE or IA related to architecture which you really should aim for because in your interviews for universities, they want to see how much personal engagement you have to the course you're applying for and how knowledgeable or well-rounded you are in different aspects of architecture. Good Luck!
  10. XXuni_loverXx

    What does your username mean?

    During my insane addiction to all things unicorns and rainbows and chcolates, i wanted my username to be unicorn_lover, but then I found the beauty of bodering your name with other letters and that lead to xXunicorn_loverXx. But of course most websites have a limit to the characters and my screen name for most websites ended up being xXuni_loverXx TADAAAAA
  11. Geometrical designs used by architects in different places of the world. Math is a tool through which beauty can be calculated using ratios and therefore architects use geometry and many other mathematical concepts to build buildings. Some concepts to explore are geometric proofs, constructions, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci Series.
  12. So I have to choose my Extended Essay topic this week and I'm not sure how to go about it. My teacher advised us to choose something that is related to what we want ot do in the future and I want to go into the architecture stream. However, I'm not taking Visual Art or History and have NO IDEA how to get a topic idea now. I'm taking Physics HL, so I might be able to do a lab about the stability of building but I wanted to do something like that for my IA. Other subjects - Chem HL, Math HL, English Lit and Lang HL, Business SL, French SL
  13. So I started my DP in September and now it's December. My HLs are physics chemistry math and English and SLs are business and french. i was going to planning to go into a engineering direction but now I'm definite to go towards architecture but I realised that I need a portfolio of at least 12 pieces. its been 3 months into the programme and the art students have already done 2 pieces and 2 essays and I'm not too sure I'll be able to catch up. Is it too late to try and change??? SOS 😩😩

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