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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed insight! I really appreciate it since I am still new into the program
  2. Hello fellow IB friends! Currently I am taking hl chem, sl french, sl bio and sl math. However, I am having trouble completing all of my homework and at times, I don't understand a concept and have to put it away until a week or so just because I don't have time. I don't know how to handle these particular subjects and balancing the homework especially from sl math and hl chem. As such, I am really behind in HL chem, because I was trying to catch up in math (which I'm still behind in as of now ._.) Are there any general tips for me in terms of handling these particular subjects? Whats the real truth behind it; is it really possible to finish EVERYTHING thats assigned? Do you think I should get started on my homework RIGHT away and study till night time non stop? I try to do this but I either have volunteering, get tired and/or end up getting sidetracked. I try to sleep at around 11-12 (because thats recommended) but perhaps this is not going to work out and I may have to stay up later? Thank you so much for your help in advance, seriously all help will be appreciated! Sincerely, Just a stressed ib kid
  3. Hello, I too am feeling the same way in year 1. Tests got harder, and I feel like all I do is study all day ._. just know that you're not alone and there are several of us all across the world but hopefully we will learn to manage it! Currently this semester I am taking -> sl math, hl chem, sl bio and sl french. Do you have any general tips for me on doing well and handling these particular subjects? I am having trouble balancing homework from the math and sciences in particular, and as such, I get behind on one (right now I'm behind in hl chem ._.) Thanks!
  4. Hello! Currently I am using the oxford textbook for my sciences. 1. For chem, which one do you think is better to study off of, the regular textbook or the study guide? 2. For bio, the same question applies as above. ^ 3. Why is the study guide created, does it include every single information and can it replace the textbook? Is one better for use during exams? Thank you guys in advance, and happy studying!
  5. Hello! Where can I find the the IB subject guides syllabi/can you provide me the links if you can 😅 Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone! I will be starting HL Chemistry in three weeks, which means I still have some time until school begins. Thus, I was wondering what areas I should focus on reviewing beforehand, since obviously I don't have a lot of time in my hands 😅 My school is semestered, so what can I expect to learn in the first 5 months of HL Chem and what are the difficult topics I should review now? All help will be appreciated!
  7. as they buzzed around his mind, leading him to have a restless sleep. Soon the clock chimed that it was 6 am, signalling that it was time to-
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any study tips for HL Chem and/or SL Bio! 1. What are the best methods to keep up with the content throughout my IB experience? (as I heard that it is not wise to binge study right before May exams, but rather reviewing the content as you go) 2. What types of studying styles are best for HL Chem/Sl bio? (example; learning concepts etc.) 3. ANYTHING you can to let me know as all help is appreciated! Thanks, IB Kid

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