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    Pamoja French Ab Initio Issues

    I have had the exact same problems in the French ab initio program. I find the Pamoja program a terrible program and have learned almost nothing so far. The teachers take forever to grade the work since they have real classes in real life. Reflecting on what I have witnessed from the orals, no one in the program seems to know anything in the French language. I have probably heard over half the students in my class (fifty people) and all of them are just plain terrible and seemed to have learned nothing just like me. That brings me to another point, there are simply too many people in the classes. Fifty people are too many for the teachers to handle as well as having regular classes in real life. This makes it take ages for them to grade anything and the timing of the orals is horrific, I once had to attend one at 10:00 pm. I'm glad to find that other people are having the same issues and hope that this will deter any other people from using the awful Pamoja program.

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