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  1. I was planning to do something about how globalization has affected social norms in Japan (where I live)? Basically, I think globalization has made social norms more flexible and has changed them... Of course I would have to make the way I gather the data more complex, such as some techniques used in this https://www.unicef.org/protection/files/4_09_30_Whole_What_are_Social_Norms.pdf (I'll think of something, idk) But i dont know how to make it better? One teacher talked about how social norms was a bit too hard to do as you don't know that it's a social norm, but in Japan - I know theyre social norms (social norms are so big in Japan. Its genuinely a fact). I really would like to keep it related to globalization and social norms. Does anyone have any ideas? Kind of struggling. Thanks and sorry for this hard and annoying question.
  2. Thank you SOSOSOSO MUCH :,)
  3. Hi so I'm taking HL Chemistry and I was wondering if there were any key tips, helpful websites, etc to help improve my grades (Preferably stuff on energetics and thermochemistry)? My grades this year are extremely bad and since its an HL, I really need to improve. Thanks
  4. So I am planning to be taking a veterinary course in the future, which means that I will need to take at least HL Bio and SL Chem. The subjects I have chose to do so far are HL Biology, HL Geography, HL Literature, SL Chemistry, SL Japanese and SL Maths. The reason I am worried is because the entry requirements for courses similar to veterinary sciences (from the universities that I am interested in) don't need HL English. This means that I could possibly just change to SL Lit and HL Chem. My question is, is 2 HL sciences too hard? Should I just stick to SL Chem and HL Bio or change to HL Bio and HL Chem, moving my English course from HL to SL. I feel like doing HL English (im not the strongest at english either) is kind of not relevant for me and its just gonna make my life harder... Any recommendations or tips? Thanks (hope this wasn't confusing).
  5. Okay so I am currently choosing topics for IB and I want to make them revolve around veterinary sciences or like animal biology because thats what I would like to do in the future. I chose to take HL Bio and SL Chem, which Ive been thinking about and debating about for a long time and I dont know if it was the right choice or not. I read that some universities don't really require or look for biology if you want to go for veterinary sciences and would like to see more of the Chemistry/Mathematics side?? Should I have taken HL Chem and SL Bio? Or just one science? Helpppp Thanks !
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