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  1. IB Terrified

    VISUAL ARTS ideas for themes?

    I did witchcraft as well! I focused on witch trials (specifically Salem but its open to pretty much anywhere), tarot, Wicca symbols and rituals...etc... Its open and there's so much out there! I am sure you'll have no problem with this theme! Also it is super fun to make things out of tarot cards! I made a "crystal ball" using a strainer, hot glue, and tears!
  2. IB Terrified

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    1.Spain- gotta go here to complete my Spanish major in college 2.Italy- Rome 3.Russia- Moscow Suppose I'll try a road-trip to the other states in the USA too!
  3. IB Terrified

    Failing tests/quizzes

    I had similar problems too when I was starting out! The full IB program was a drastic change from "pre-IB"! My advice is to talk to your teacher (scary, but needed in a situation like this), some teachers are willing to give extra credit work or provide a much more personal review of a subject to cater to your personal problems within a subject! Sitting down with my teachers before or after class (especially before a big test) gave my grades a huge boost! If you do plan on dropping, discuss it with your IB coordinator to provide some insight on if you are making the right decision. I highly recommend doing it as soon as possible instead of waiting until the last moment....it just causes unnecessary stress. I wish you the best of luck! I think you can get through this if you have enough determination!

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