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  1. CurtisPiette

    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

    I can't vote in support of either 'yes' or 'no' of this survey. There are fair arguments on both sides of the coin.. That being said, I would be 100% on board (and assume most people would) with pro choice if the fetus was properly conserved and its stem cells where used for either research or to save lives. If anyone is against this view, I would be more than happy to debate and hopefully further explain what I mean
  2. CurtisPiette

    Dropping Out?

    Hi Emmi, I agree with you about needlessly posting - but disagree thoroughly with you near-unbelievably ironic comment. That being said, IB*Dropout is right to upload their view on the subject regardless of your clearly rivaling opinion and/or date of post. Someone on the fence about dropping out should be exposed to both arguments to decide what's best for themselves.. Learning to look at problems from multiple angles is what the IB is for after all. Plus, the point of a feed is to help not only the poster but anyone else asking the same question - even years later. I know this is coming, so ; This is not a needless post, its just misplaced - I don't know how to send DM's (just joined ibsurvival today), plus, this way it will reach more people

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