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  1. I would have to disagree with kw0573. Even though practice is important, it is essentially useless if you don't know what you are doing. So, my advice would be to go through your fundamentals thoroughly and make sure that you know the concepts inside-out. I rarely do past year papers yet still am able to score 6s and occasional 7s in HL Math because the key in math is understanding. There will always be another question that you may have never seen before, hence you need to understand your concepts such that you can solve any question despite having not seen it before. (But you also need some practice still because it exposes you to new, unfamiliar questions) Hope this helps!
  2. Don't worry too much! You will still be able to maintain a social life with your friends outside of the program. Speaking from personal experience, I am able to meet up with my friends from other schools for at least once to twice a month where we just hang out together. However, you have to manage your time and workload; if you don't, you will struggle to find time for your friends. Hope this helps!
  3. I would have to respectfully disagree with King112 on one particular point. For a 45 minute essay, 5 to 10 minutes of planning is way too much. You should be able to have a rough plan/ outline of the essay in 3 minutes or so. By using any more time, you are penalizing yourself in terms of time. Also, like what the rest had said, you have to practice writing your essays with 45 minutes; do not expect yourself to be able to write at such a fast speed without any practice. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey there! I understand where you are coming from. Many students have went through what you are going through where we just do not have any motivation to study. What I do to combat this problem is to keep the end-goal in mind. For example, I always wanted to go to one of my local universities (which is rather competitive) and hence it keeps me in the right mindset during my revision because I finally have a so-called purpose when I am studying; I am studying to get into that dream university of mine. I don't know if this will help you but it is definitely worth a try! By the way, just continue revising and don't over-think about your problems. Even if you can't aim for 45 points, you can set yourself a high goal too! Don't put too much pressure on yourself! Anyways, all the best with your exams! If you need someone to talk to/ vent your frustrations, feel free to message me! You can do it!!!
  5. Hello Nicole, this is the passing criteria for our school anyways. Perhaps, it is just a feature unique in our school system.
  6. Hello there! As you may know, 2 points is the bare minimum for any subject. You can only have 1 subject with grade 2 (in both HL and SL) while ensuring that your overall score is more than 26 points. As long as you fulfill this criteria, you will pass the IB programme and if the university course does not require you to pass SL Math, then I think they will overlook your grade 2 in SL Math. Hope this helps!
  7. Hello! If you really feel like you cannot finish revising all your subjects in 1 month, I would highly recommend you to refer to the condensed study guides available to you (If not, borrow notes from your more diligent friends) and use that as your notes. Personally, I feel that 1 month will not be enough for you to make comprehensive notes on each subject. Hope this helps!
  8. It is never too early to start revising. Just begin revising now! You will be surprised how much time you will actually need to cover everything. I always give myself at least 1.5 to 2 months before my final exams. Speaking from experience, it is just enough time for me to revise everything thoroughly (I study around 2-3 hours extra each day- not including school). Besides, there's no harm if you have "extra time" after you revise everything thoroughly. You will be able to have a second revision! Hope this helps!
  9. I have many friends with the same HL combination and they are able to handle the intensity of the courses (particularly HL Math and Physics - both of which are very content-heavy subjects). However, with that said, they also have a good studying habit which is critical in your IB journey. So, I wouldn't be too worried about the courses themselves, rather I would reflect on my studying habit. If you have a good studying habit, then by all means take this subject combination! Hope this helps!
  10. I think you should not drop to Math Studies since most university courses really require at least SL Math. Unless the course you are taking does not require SL Math, I seriously discourage you from dropping SL Math to Math studies.
  11. Perhaps, you could elaborate on what goals you are referring to?
  12. Adding to what Dessiry said, you should also try to ask your friend what he/she to investigate more about the possible courses for literature in his/her dream university and check the requirements for the university course.
  13. Adding on to what Lauren had said, your EE should also have a reasonable research scope. It should not have be too broad nor too specific - a scope large enough such that you will have enough room for discussion in your EE. Also, remember that you ought to find a research question that is not out of our league. If it is a science EE, you need to ensure that you have the equipment, tools and facilities to collect your data. If it is a history EE, you need to have enough sources that talk about the topic you are discussing in the EE. This also applies to Film EE. Hope this helps! And, all the best with your EE!
  14. This website is not a scam. If you do not wish to spend 30 bucks on the membership, you could try to help answer other people's questions. Once you added enough posts in the forum, you will be able to get this membership. However, if you are pressed on time, then perhaps you could seriously consider getting the membership.
  15. Hands down, HL Econs is one of the easiest IBDP subjects. It is definitely one of the easier HL subjects especially when you compare it against HL Math. Apparently, 60% of the previous year's cohort attained a 7 in the final IBDP examinations while the other 30-40% attained a 6 pointer. But, with that said, it is not a guarantee that you will get 7 with HL Econs. You will still have to put in some effort (but definitely not as much effort as HL Math or HL Physics). Hope this helps!