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  1. The title says it all.. Would you recommend study / revision guides? If so, which guides are the best?
  2. My teacher doesn't even teach us anything about the papers or the final exams so I don't think I can help in any way :// I need help in like every subject too because I have so bad teachers xdd
  3. Its gonna change for 2021 :pp But yeah they will make an easier and harder Math SL course instead of studies.. I have heard that the harder one is harder than SL is now and the easier a bit easier. Also for some reason, they are getting rid of Further Math HL ://
  4. The University of Kuopio requires the non-regular diploma if you go study medicine there 😛
  5. I really need help with motivation.. I have been struggling with the lack of motivation for a month now and it is driving me crazy.. I'm starting to get scared that I don't have enough motivation to even pass the IB
  6. I did my pre-IB in Finland, and we used manageback in there. Now I came to Estonia to do both of my IB years and I still don't know what system they are using here. None of the teachers knows the name of their system :p
  7. I am using the TI nspire non-CAS
  8. Jokurandomi


    I know how you feel... I don't like any of my courses at all either ;-;
  9. Jyväskylän Lyseon Lukio (the school I am studying at) might accept you.. At least they have accepted other people in the past Also ib schools in Tampere, Helsinki, and Oulu might accept international students
  10. You can always come to Finland I checked with my teachers and its possible in my school😂 Its a bit far away tho but I guess its cheaper to come here than to go to Wales or Norway?
  11. Wow you are really getting desperate here😂 Did you call all of the schools in Denmark and Sweden already?
  12. According to this thread, no school in Sweden offers November exams. I'm pretty sure private schools in the Nordic countries would be able to arrange a retake, but it would cost a lot of money.
  13. Doesn't Nyborg Gymnasium allow it? Also, if no school lets you do that I would recommend sending e-mails to other schools in Scandinavia / the Baltic countries. I know almost all IB schools in Finland allow it but I don't know what is their policy on international students who haven't been doing the IB in Finland. If you have questions regarding the schools in Finland or in other Nordic countries you can pm me!
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