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  1. Thanks man. Probs the most helpful answer I've ever received so far. Cheers m8
  2. Yh, well I'd boomerang your advice to you. You'll need past paper for predicted grades when you apply to uni. Cuz the teachers are all gonna base their subject tests on past paper. They tell you not to revise with it, cuz it may be considered cheating in a way that you already know the answers beforehand. But hey, it's best to adapt with IB exam style questions.
  3. Hello, So I have my IB exam in less than two months. How should I study for HL Math? I currently have the Haese Harris book but I feel that it doesn't really cover exam type questions and its quite time consuming. Thus, I feel like past paper exams are helpful. I believe the same applies to Physics. The tsoko's books aren't super useufl when it comes to IB style exam questions. Any advice? Cheers.
  4. Ok, well in that it somewhat makes sense, I am complaining that my school has to be extra and implement made up terms that just confuse the whole IB system. Why can't they just use the term "predicted" instead of making up their own ****? Anyways, are IB predicted grades before mock exams sent to IB? My old school does not have any predicted grades after their mocks.
  5. So I don't know if it is only my retarded ass school that has gone rogue from the IB system and decided to implement their own system of predicted grades that don't make utter sense at all whatsoever. I am fortunately a senior(thank god I can leave my ****hole school) and we have received something called "projected" grades in October of last year so that we can send those grades into university applications. "Projected" is a term that I have rarely come across in IB and no other schools should be using this term. Isn't it meant to be predicted grades? The schools defense insists that they both mean the same thing but please correct me if I am wrong, I finished my mocks this week and they are now giving out "predicted" grades. So at this point I have no idea but to be baffled at this pointless meaning of projected/predicted grades. Are they doing this process twice? So please enlighten me and tell me if it is only my school that has their own pointless term "projected" grades alongside "predicted" grades? If that is the case, I have just exposed the stupidity of my school. I just need to open everyone's eyes here so that they know what the REAL IB system is like out there and should be.
  6. So I have a Econ mock exam in the beginning of Feburary and all I do is just flip through my e-textbook and I feel like I can't get anything done. I don't know if I should be making revision notes cus I feel it's too late and I have other things in mind and I just don't know what the **** to do. help. How do I study efficiently? I just can't, I've lost motivation over everything
  7. I take econ HL on pamoja online and I am doing quite well. I need two letter of recommendations. I have history as one choice with went through. Though I need another teacher as I thought of Economics since I am doing well! Although it is a online course so when universities will see my application will they doubt my effort in a way that it isn't face to face engagement in classes? If anyone is doing econ online or any online course please help me out.
  8. So I am almost ending Y1 and I take higher level Math, Econ, History and standard level: Spanish B, English Lang Lit and Physics. Overall, I and not doing so well, as my math grades fluctuate, my history and econ is ok i guess, and my standards are ****ing killing me, like they are way too ****ing hard for my ability. I want to aim for univerisities like KCL, UCL, LSE etc. and I am nowhere near. My parents scold me every time saying how stupid I am for not being aware of things which leads to my downfall in academics. I do not know what to do. I find myself so stubborn everyday and I try my best not to be like that and yet it still keeps nailing me. The way my school is, how I am doing poorly. I procrastinate sometimes, I don't know a good study method, I rly don't ****ing know. The end of year exams are coming in less than a month and I don't know how to prepare, I have revised to an extent but not enough. What is it with me? I am cutting off everything, family, friends. I am getting further and further away. Before I was here in Japan, I was in London and life there was amazing. I just wish I did DP there, where I can keep a good balance between work and social life. Here? I rather dislike Japan and I think the reason being is that I do not have the certainty that I will go back to London for studies. Seeing that consequence and looking back at my country, I am filled with rage and angry finding any way to blame this country for my failure. I try not to do that cos it will affect my academics, but as a result and tendency-wise it just comes out. Please save me and find me ways to get to those uni's in London. I just want to live the life I originally lived.... that is all I am asking for.
  9. Dude you are still in Grade 9, no need to worry for ****. PreIB? Dude thats grade 10 when you do personal project and choose DP subjects for next year. Just play as much as you can, drink, party have fun you've got "free time on your hands."
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