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  1. Hey everyone. I'm doing IBCP. For anyone who knows, for my IB Personal and Professional Skills course, we have to complete something called a Language Portfolio (for those of you who know, and are doing IBCP, and are or have taken the IBPPS course). Anyhow, I was wondering what is an effective or great way to log your language hours? Like if taking screenshots on Duolingo good enough? Also, how does IB know that we actually completed fifty hours of our Language Portfolio? And I know this is completely random, but I feel it's kind of cheesy the way we have do it. Like what I mean by that is, couldn't some just easily forge their "work?" I mean that's too much effort, and of course, being an IB Student, the expectation is academic integrity of course. But, I mean -- maybe you guys understand what I mean. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Thank you for replying back to me. I think that's actually a great idea about maybe just filling out the packets at home if I need too, and I have no idea why I didn't think about that before -- but I'm going to keep that in mind in case if I ever decide to go down that route one day if it I feel like it'll help me out more. And ah, all right. I guess you're right about the IB Statements. It's kind of nice knowing that the iB Statements are straightforward. I've already taken Biology before and passed the standardized test that went with it, so knowing what I knew from it, and what I'll learn from my IB Biology class, I hope will also help out. So I'll be sure to study my IB Biology Statements, and try to also reinforce the knowledge we learn in class, and not just from the statements. Thank you again!
  3. Hi there, Thank you for at least replying back to my post. The information you provided was helpful. And I hope the best for you as well.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm a bad test taker, and I just don't study that much. If I do study, I'll only study for the "easier" classes like English Literature, or Biology (but I mean they are my only IB classes, as I'm doing IBCP). So far I've been doing good on my tests, especially the ones in IB Biology (but they're not like the IA, or IOP type tests like in English) but like class tests. But I don't think those would be a good measuring stick to determine if I'll pass my IB exams or not, despite my teachers saying they pulled them from actual, previous IB exams. But what're some things I should start doing in my classes, or even now, to help prepare me for those final IB exams? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone. I made a somewhat related post, but the other one was for English, so I didn't want anyone thinking I was making duplicate posts. Anyhow, I was wondering -- would anyone have any general tips for me (being a first year IB Biology student, not Pre-IB) so I can be successful in the course, and for the exam? For example, my teacher gives us a note packet which we're supposed to fill out as he goes through the lectures. And sometimes I fill it out, and the other time's it's because I focus too much on the class or zone out too deeply, and then I forget to fill out the note packet. Or sometimes I just don't know where the current lecture fits into the note packet at all (it's not that because he's a bad teacher, but you would have to see the note packets to see what I mean haha.) And I'm kind of concerned, because I've been doing well on almost all our IB Biology class tests. I've never failed one. The lowest scores I've ever gotten were either a D, or a C. But my teacher says he pull's those questions out from former IB assessments and grades them accordingly to how IB would. But whatever is on the tests were just whatever our IB Statements were on, and I feel like I'm not really applying anything, but rather just memorizing whatever the statements were on. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? And are the IB Statements extremely helpful for the actual IB Bio exam? Or is it just an additional thing you should be using to cushion your current knowledge, but you should still be able to apply your knowledge and think about everything, to help you on the actual exam? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone. What are some general tips you could give to me being a first year IB student (not Pre-IB)? My mentality is kind of "flawed" and I'm trying to fix that, to me all I think is that "Oh, it's literature -- how can you fail literature?" and I don't want to keep having that mentality, and time comes to take the IB English Literature exam, and then end up failing. Alongside to that, what're some things I should start doing now to prepare for the IB English Literature exam, and to just be successful in the course overall? Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm really sorry in advance if these are completely silly, or rather, noobish questions. But anyhow I had some general questions regarding the IB Program if no one would mind answering them for me: General things I should know about IB Prior to doing IB, like before Pre-IB, I didn't know there were things such as IA's or IOP's, and things of that sort. What other things I guess should I know about, if anything? How do you get college credits with IB? Like I know with Dual Enrollment (as far as I've heard) you get college credits because you're taking actual college classes. I know when you do things such as IOPs you get graded on it, which goes towards your overall IB grade. What do they mean by overall IB grade? And how does that factor into you getting college credit from IB? (Aside from the fact that you didn't pass the IOP). Don't you just have to meet other requirements, and pass your IB final, final assessments in order to get your college credits (just like the AP program?) I'm only taking IB English Literature, IB Biology, and IB Personal and Professional Skills. Does that mean I'll only get credit for just IB English Literature, and IB Biology (if I pass the exams?) Does that mean if I met the requirements, and passed the corresponding IB exams for each class, I'll only get credit for English, and Biology? I'm doing IBCP if that explains why I only have three (well, really, two) IB classes. Thanks!
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