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  1. Hello, Could anyone send their end of unit tests for maths hl? I want to use them to practice. Would be really helpful. Please
  2. Hello, I changed my options: I changed Physics to HL. History did not open as an alternative for spanish. I will be taking 4 HLs, and then eventually drop one after less than 3 months. So my options will now be: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL Spanish B HL Portuguese Lit. SL Eng. Lang and Lit. SL
  3. Thanks for the reply, My school doesn't offer computer science. Do you think taking physics at HL would show that analytic side?
  4. I am in MYP5 and I am undecided about my choices. I want to either study in Portugal or the UK. I want to either to study finance or computer science. The subjects I want to take are: Economics HL Math HL Spanish B HL Portuguese Lit. SL Eng. Lang and Lit. SL Physics SL I am forced to do Portuguese and English. One has to be Lang. and Lit. and the other has to be Lit.. My first language is portuguese, and I do much better in portuguese than in english. Which one is harder though? Lang. and Lit or just Lit.? Do universities prefer one over the other? Is there a problem with taking three languages, or should i change spanish to something like History SL, or another science? Please answer honestly: Do you think that these choices are good for someone pursuing a degree in either computer science or finance?

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