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  1. NishantEC

    Last minute SL Chem Paper 3 tips?

    Hey all, I’m writing my paper 1 and 2 tomorrow, and paper 3 the next day. However I feel rather unconfident with what prep I’ve done for paper 3! Do you guys have any tips and tricks or things I should keep in mind on both part A and B? I’m doing Option D, Medicinal Chemistry.
  2. NishantEC

    45 minute essay tips?

    Hey all, I've been having a lot of trouble writing the 45 minute essays that are assigned in HL History (year 1). Does anyone have any tips or strategies, or possibly well written exemplars, that I could use to improve my style of writing? I think I end up giving too much narrative and not giving as strong of an argument as I should be, but any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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