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  1. Hey! I want to study engineering too so I do HL physics, chem and maths. In my knowledge, most unis ask for physics and maths HL, some may ask for chem HL as well. But it totally depends on where you want to apply - check their website. I know a few seniors studying engineering at college and they say that they use maths all the time. If you find it hard, get practicing, because you will be using it a whole lot studying engineering. doing HL maths is the best way to show unis that you are capable of doing maths and will be able to do it well in engineering. Another thing is many places offer only 'engineering' and where you do general in the first 2 years and specialise in nuclear, or chemical or mechanical in year 3. So don't get bogged down by the type, you can do chemical engineering even if you did not study chemistry at ib.
  2. idek

    Going up to 5 HLs

    Maybe you can do further maths? I do further maths as an optional 4th HL. I can chose to drop it next year.
  3. idek

    Going up to 5 HLs

    we have end of year tests too - they make up the predicted grade. we have to sit another round of these 2 months before anyway.
  4. idek

    Going up to 5 HLs

    God. but in all seriousness, that's some level of organisation. what did he/she end up doing later in life?
  5. I'm about halfway through my EE process- world studies chemistry HL and geography SL. And my instructors have been really critical of my work. Even though I'm scoring 7s in all assignments in the respective subjects. Maybe it is a thing of supervisors in my school to be super critical, but I have written the first 1500 words 3 times now, and yesterday they (I have 2 supervisors) handed me another corrected draft to edit. Regardless if you're interested in it or not, choose something you're good at expressing yourself in. Usually taking the subject is the best way ensure do that - but my supervisors obviously don't think I can do the EE well even when I'm doing quite well in their respective subjects. I do not mean to disparage you, but the EE has been an absolute nightmare for me. So if you're really good at psychology, go for it!
  6. idek


    torus. My maths HL IA was on torus volume/surface of revolution - Cavalieri's principle and Pappus's centroid theorem also work well for that.
  7. Hi, I study self-taught Hindi A SL, even though my native language is Marathi. My school did not inform me that a Marathi A self-taught course existed, so I had no option but to take Hindi. I can understand that this may be because not many students do it. Out of curiosity, Do you or someone you know do Hindi ? - or Marathi? I'm really interested in finding out which books/poems are studied.
  8. idek

    You know you're in IB when.......

    ...when you decline party invitations from A-level students.

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