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  1. Subject choices is coming around soon. I start DP1 in August. I am wondering how Art HL is (I was going to take Music HL, but there's 2 examinations at the end of dp2 for it + I have almost no music experience in it). How difficult is it compared to other HL IB courses? I hear the essays are very difficult, is that true? Are the Art essays harder than English A HL essays?
  2. What benefits will I gain if I take 3 languages in the IB Program. (I'm primarily going into English based , or a Law based future career) Will I become more appealing to universities or something?
  3. Hi, I am currently in MYP5, going into DP1 soon. I am wondering if the Economics IB course is required to be taken if I wish to study Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, etc. in Universities in Canada/America. I am currently studying in Sweden. I am also taking Math Studies.