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  1. But isn't it much better to practice the actual paper 1 and paper 2 than completing a written task that doesn't actually follow the same format as the answer we give in the paper. It really takes a lot of effort to do one written task and we have to do three...it kind of feels impossible with all these paper pilled up.. I'd rather prepare for the papers...
  2. If I've gotta submit the one in which I got the highest then I can focus all my energy on doing one written task and just leave the rest. I don't think I should bother doing the other two since if they're just not going to be considered.
  3. when you remember the good old days of being a Non-IB student
  4. Orientation in space and time is my GC....guys, does anyone has a worksheet of MYP 5 based on it....specifically English, maths
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