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  1. I'm Canadian student who's thinking of applying to Stanford So, I found that essay is a big part of the admission process and that is almost the only opportunity to make me stand out, since I'm not a national level athlete, musician, scientist, etc. Also, people around me said that I'm "unpredictable" and "full of random, useless, dangerous but fun ideas", I feel like my essay will be naturally be very risky if I write about my true self. However, I'm ready to keep the level of creativity relatively low and seal up some of my random thoughts if that will be 'better'. In this case, will it be more helpful to go risky and write down my creative **** or go conventional and safe but has possibility to be boring cliche? Stanford has been my dream school for a long time and I really want to get in. Thanks people!!
  2. Hello people, I'm a Canadian student who is thinking of applying to US universities for 2019 years. So, I started filling out my application and in CommonApp, there is this section where you have to put your GPA, class ranking, GPA scale and more. This got me few questions: 1. Do I have to ask my counselor for my GPA? 2. I want to calculate my GPA by myself so I can determine my safety and reach school. According to my knowledge, US high schools have four years, right? but in my region, we only have three years. In this case, should I use my grade 9 grade from junior high school to calculate my GPA? 3. If 2. is yes, my junior high school gave students grade out of 4. 4 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. and it's nothing like GPA, since there is only four categories- 1, 2, 3, or 4. Also, we didn't receive a grade for each course. Instead, there was three categories under each course, which is graded as the way I explained. In this case, how should I calculate my GPA? I tried to google it but I wasn't able to find any good answers there. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can resolve my confusion
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    Thank you! First of all, your post was not aggressive at all. It was something I need to be aware and I feel really thankful about it. I know that there is no such thing as 100% granted in top schools, and I know there's not a thing that makes me an extremely compelling student compare to other talented people out there. Since my counselor is very unhelpful and the parental pressure is always on me, I just needed some third-person perspective on my chances and preferably, some good advice as well.
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    Yeah, you're right. It's mostly my parents who are wanting me to attend 'top universities'. Though I think I'm more serious about applying Stanford and UC Berkeley than other schools my parents 'suggested'. So it was very nice to see that UC Berkeley is my good "match" school. I'll look more into different schools and see which one fits me the best. Thank you so much again with your help.
  5. My school is doing really poor job on giving informal predicted grades and most of full IB kids got actual grade that is higher than their predicted grade. For example, last year, this one girl I know was predicted to got 5's & 6's and one 4 in math HL, but ended up getting 6's & three 7's. (Of course, this is one of the extreme examples) The problem is, she was waiting listed and ended up not able to get into uni she wanted, but with her actual IB grade, she is very sure she can be accepted. She went to whatever uni she got accepted because she was kinda satisfied with that uni as well, but would've it be possible for her to wait another year and apply uni this year with her actual IB grade? or did she had no choice but go to uni she was accepted to. Sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying. My brain worked off of its feet for IB exams and is refusing to work.
  6. I have started working on my IA, and I am not sure which tense I should use. I have heard that using past tense will weaken my argument because apparently in that way I am making my argument only valid in the past, not in the present. Is that true? Then should I use present tense throughout the entire IA?
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    IA lab appratus

    I am working on my physics IA and I wasn't sure if I can hand-draw diagram of lab apparatus and schematic diagram. Will IB consider hand-drawn diagrams unprofessional and deduct marks for that? If I am allowed to hand-draw those diagrams, to what extent should it be drawn with rulers? Thank you for your help
  8. Thank yo so much for your comment! I feel like I can connect that to the vector calculation and dimension concept. However, if the connection is still to vague, then I am also thinking of some other options: 1. mathematics and probability of sudoku 2. blood splatter analysis 3. folding paper more than 7 times formula How do you think about it?
  9. I am thinking of doing my IA related to tesseract -4D cube but I'm not quite sure how to make this mathematical concept suitable to IA. Will it be possible to discuss about how to draw a net diagram of tesseract or is that to vague and not mathematical enough for HL IA? Any other possible topic suggestions? Please help me. I NEED HELP!
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