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  1. I'm thinking of doing the IB next year and these are my current subjects: ITALIAN LANGUAGE A (SL)- self taught FRENCH B (HL) SPANISH (SL//ab initio) ECONOMICS (HL) BIOLOGY (HL/SL) MATHS(HL/SL) At the moment I'm doing well in both maths and biology, but I wanted to know which one is harder or which one is easier to get a better grade in?
  2. I recently talked with my school for IB and they told me that I would have to do Italian language SL if I want to self study it. By Italian Language, what does that mean? Does that still include elements of literature?
  3. Was your self-study course Standard or Higher level?
  4. So I am fluent in Italian but have been brought up with English my whole life. I've decided to do IB because I really want to do languages later on. The only problem is I've never really analysed any Italian Literature texts before and if I would choose the subject I would have to self-study. As I'm technically not an italian native speaker would I find it hard even with a tutor? If I decide to do Italian Lit as my A Language would i be able to do it as a higher level subject?