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  1. Basically the title - does it need to be at least 2 IB students, or can it be a collaborative thing where you're the only IB student?
  2. By now I've already finished my IOP (I went with "What is the impact of the monster's paradoxical characterisation as both Adam and Satan in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?"). I did quite well, so I'm very happy. Thankyou anyway for the advice!
  3. Basically the title. I initially was thinking "biblical allusions in Frankenstein", but my teacher told me it was too broad. Is the more specific version too narrow? I'm kind of thinking of shortening it to "What is the effect of the monster's dual association with Adam and Satan in Frankenstein?", and then I'd talk about the criticism of society's judgements in the speech itself. Would that be a better option?
  4. I just found out today that apparently we have to write our first formal reflection for our EE tomorrow! I don't have a specific RQ, but I do have a specific area of study (how the arrival of Uber impacted Sydney's taxi industry). I've gone through the marking criteria for Criterion E. In particular, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on nailing the "demonstrating a high degree of intellectual initiative, authenticity and a creative approach" part of the criteria. I know that the reflections are supposed to be relatively painless and stress-free, but it's the first thing I'm doing that actually counts towards my final mark, so I'm very nervous!

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