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  1. I think it might be too topical an issue.. like we dont know what examiner will be reading this or what their own experiences with rape might be. you also have to keep a passive voice in your presentation too as its a discussion more than an analysis, so be careful with your claims and counter-claims. You probably have more freedom with the presentation rather than the essay, as ib examiners only read the TKPPF, they dont see the actual presentation... I would discuss it with ur tok teacher. maybe you could make it a sub-RLS rather than the central? good luck x
  2. I really like the idea of the latter TWE question on IQ and intelligence! If your key concerns there are that it doesnt link to the syllabus- it's for your EE, I'm in the midst of starting writing mine now, and I've gone almost completely off syllabus--> that's the point of the EE, to explore a topic outside of school that interests you and discuss/evaluate/argue a point that hasn't really been made before (from my understanding) I would have a meeting with your supervisor and discuss your concerns with them and what you are interested in exploring and wanting to study further. It's important you're 100% honest with them so they can help you to reach your full potential. Also, with the RQs based around depression and your worry of ethics- I think as long as you discuss that it can be interpreted as a sensitive topic, and acknowledge that fact and the surrounding ethics, you're fine. I dont take psych unfortunately, however all of my friends do and I only know from what they've discussed with me I hope this helps!
  3. try and look in nasar's death scene, where he reportedly gets up and continues walking around 'stuffing his entrails' back inside him magical realism isnt necessarily fantastical events, but things that aren't normal to us, but normal in the novel e.g. dream interpretations are trustworthy/relevant, but to us they would normally be considered bologna
  4. If you're more worried about uni acceptance than anything, maybe see if there are any mini-courses or exams you can take after you graduate just to get that pre-req. E.g. In Australia, you can do TAFE for 3-6months and get the SL requirement that way. Is there anything like that available for you? Best of luck!
  5. ooohhh my goooddd i can help yay. I just handed in my final IOP this morning, and can maybe offer some ideas. The majority of my cohort did creative approaches (all solo), though a lot used fellow students as "props" For my own, I analysed a poem called 'Doctor to Patient' by Bruce Dawe, and presented in the role of my own doctor (wherein I wrote a response poem, performed that, then analysed the original poem and made connections with my own) I used a class-mate as my patient. --> This is still a solo-iop!!! Other students have performed funeral services with other students being pastors in the background or acting as a dead body. Ideas I had for presenting mine- a phone call--> I would have spoken over the phone and to analyse a part, shout down the other end saying "What do you mean you dont understand why he used visual imagery here?!?" I've heard kids in the past run game shows, where they ask the audience to ask them pre-organised questions and fulfill the analysis part like that. However, I think comparing the two plays Hamlet and Macbeth may be a bit difficult. You have a maximum of 15minutes, and that includes questions from audience/teacher to support your main arguments. You've said you have a lot you're able to compare between the two, but would you be able to keep it focussed and relevant? Macbeth and Hamlet, I feel have different storylines. The major reason for this being their fatal flaws (harmatia) differ so greatly: ambition vs. an inability to act One spends the whole play thinking about who to kill next, whilst the other can't even acknowledge he's killed someone. Perhaps, you could consider playing the role of Shakespeare, whilst writing them? his conflicting thoughts "oh, I definitely need to put this here, it'll have this affect. But if i do that in this one as well, my plays might be repetitive. Nope! definitely! and those snobs can shove it in their faces when I publish these! The Globe awaits!" If your school offers theatre as a subject, I think maybe ask for ideas from theatre kids or the teacher on how to develop ideas and a performance. Sorry my comment was such a mess! Best of luck to you :))) A well wisher.
  6. All I can really confirm for you is Eng HL, as I do History HL not History of the Americas HL... Eng HL is similar in content to SL, however your exams are more independent thinking instead of guided, and you are marked harsher than SL. With History (in general) it's a lot of content. Even if you go home and read a chapter of the given textbook everyday, there are still at least 2 more textbooks you need to be reading and taking notes for. With History, just try and be as collaborative as possible with the rest of your class as some people retain more/different information than others, and maybe try dividing up the work (that's an ideal suggestion- my class doesnt do that, however when we finish our notes we all send them to each other and sort of compare) Though your teachers will make or break you^^ for any subject. Hope this helped in some way- Good luck!!
  7. I didnt say but; they may only let you switch if your grades are high enough/or if your teachers say it's okay.
  8. Should be absolutely fine to switch, just discuss with your coordinator and get it done as soon as possible! the switch into maths or physics HL might be a big step up from what you're currently doing, though it should be okay. Good luck!
  9. Hey! So I just asked my friend about the IB Certificate program, I think the outcomes differ for each country though As I'm Australian, if you only do IB subjects in the Cert program it doesnt go towards your OP or like system/graduating points at all, you purely just get a slip of paper for each subject saying that you participated in it. I think what was said above ^ is also true as well. There is a reason for the IB Diploma program being what it is- and it's internationally recognised because of that If you can discuss it further with the IB coordinator of your school that would be the best option. I dont know of any specific universities in America that would accept it either. I hope this helped though, best of luck!
  10. Hi So I'm currently in the middle of drafting my final IOP for english HL for a poem by Bruce Dawe "Doctor to Patient" I've discussed with my teacher and we've bounced ideas around; so far, I'm planning to present my IOP as the character of Bruce Dawe's doctor, and present my response poem to my "prop" (classmate) before kicking them out, (trying to showcase the "laziness of the unemployed" that Dawe blames in his poem) then to begin the analytical part of the iop I would conduct it over a fake phone call, where the person on the other line is asking why I would write something like this in comparison to Dawe, then I would say "Well what do you mean she's done this? it's clearly because of ..." etc etc. I'm worried about this approach because I've never done a creative iop, and I don't want it to get too repetitive? any tips or comments would be appreciated thank you!
  11. ik this is late but: this is a good site mate by a recent grad who got 45/45 https://litlearn.com/category/ib-english/
  12. ESS may be more journalism/data-combining friendly. if your school offers Anthropology of World Politics I would possibly look into them. Good luck!
  13. ESS is probably one of my favourite classes at my school everyone calls it "drop out science" but the amount of content and different topics we cover cant be compared to the other sciences- my teacher addresses current world politics, economics, environment and society into just the one subject. and yes- it is generally easier than other sciences but you do have to put work in to get high grades.
  14. ^^ You can only do a maximum of 4 HL subjects in full IB, and HL Math is a lot of unnecessary extra commitment. HL BIO and CHEM are hard and very content heavy as it is, so keep both of them if you're looking at going into Medicine! If you do HL Math there are generally 2 extra classes/tutorials for it a week on top of other tutorials too hope this helped
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