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  1. Hello Everyone! I've heard that we can do 3 sciences in IB in some cases (which is not-regular diploma). But do anyone know if I can take the third science instead of the 3rd group (individual studies)?? Thanks
  2. I'm starting my full IB programme next year. I didn't really decide what to study in order to choose my subjects. I'm between (Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy "Biology/chemistry related majors") or Engineering. I know that for engineering, I have to take Physics and math, and for Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy, I have to take Chemistry and Biology. Also, I want to choose Physics, Chemistry, and Math HL. (I studied 2 years of middle school in Egypt so I've taken advanced bio). Also, I took a semester of biology in grade 9 which is included in my high school American diploma as the school award it too to us. But I'm not willing to choose biology in my IB, can I still do Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy without taking biology (or with a foundation year)?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in grade 10 right now, and I have to choose my subjects by next month. I want to study computer engineering at university. So I'm for sure taking Physics and Math HL Also, it's mandatory to take English A (LAL) in our school (so I'll do English A SL) My #1 problem: For my second language I'll do Arabic (but the thing for Arabic, I'm really good at it. And I guarantee a 7 in Arabic B SL. However, if I took Arabic A (But I may get a 6 or 5), I will have IB bilingual diploma. My #2 problem: I HATE group 3. So I want to choose the easiest subject for it. I'm thinking of Economics or B&M or ITGS, so what're your suggestions?? My #3 problem: I'm not gonna take arts, so I have to take one more subject. I've heard that some universities require chemistry for Engineering, so should I take chem SL or HL? Can you suggest any good subjects combination?