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  1. This may be late, but maybe you could choose HL Econ as well, and Sl Chemistry and English. HL Econ will help you if you go down the business route and SL Chem is good for engineering. You don't need HL Chem + Math + Physics for engineering, however, a lot of students do take it, even though it's a dreadful combo. I think you'll be fine with whatever you choose tho.
  2. I don't think its possible to switch to psychology in your position because ESS is in group 3/4 and you are using it as your group 4 (science). So, you can only change it to another science.
  3. Are you taking a Language A class? Because you to have one Language "A" class in order to get the diploma. That should probably be your main concern honestly.
  4. Hey! For physics/astronomy, I think you need to take both HL Physics and Math. I'm not so sure what would be good for philosophy given that your school doesn't offer history or philosophy. Maybe HL English Literature? I'm not sure, it's best that you look at various universities that you would like to go to and check their requirements. Some like Oxford have a course called Physics and Philosophy, so that may interest you (https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/courses-listing/physics-and-philosophy?wssl=1). Hope this helped! Cluelesskidd
  5. Since you chose to stick w HL Chemistry, maybe consider dropping Business to SL and English to HL if you are really that passionate about it. Idk, just a thought Cluelesskidd
  6. I think that generally Economics is considered a more rigorous and appreciated subject the BM. Math would also be good for Business. You can do both economics and BM at HL. I think that you should start with 4 HL's and see how you do in Math. It may better for you to do Chemistry at SL. You can drop one of the subjects if you want (ie. Econ/Math) and stay with the three that you like. I would recommend: HL Business Economics Math English B SL Polish A Chemistry
  7. Psychology might be better with HL Biology, however, univeristies do accept HL Psychology and Sl Bio. You need to take a language A subject, are you confident in english to do SL English A? If so, you will most likeley need to do it to get your IB diploma. Also, make sure your school offers Bahasa B HL and that it is recognized by the IB as a language B.
  8. From what I've heard, Business isn't that hard of a subject compared to something like History or Psychology. So I think it is doable with two sciences if you're interested in it. English Lang lit is also not the hardest subject, so if you like english, then go for it. You just have to decide which one your more interested in and go from there.
  9. Kgyo - he's absolutely amazing, listens to his remixes first Khalid - "American Teen" is arguably the best album that was released last year SZA - I mean come on, just listen to her album "CTRL", I really don't need to say any more Cashmere Cat - listen to "Quit", I think its the most underrated song of 2017 Zara Larsson - Her album "So Good" is great
  10. For psychology, I think HL Bio would be helpful. You can take 4 HLs to begin with, and see whether you want to continue with HL English or Bio.
  11. I made a website about finding life outside of Earth and how life can thrive elsewhere in the universe.
  12. Actually, I'm really sorry. ESS isn't offered at my school so I just assumed that it was only in group 4, but your ib coordinator was right. I just looked at the ibo course description for ESS and I quote "Environmental systems and societies (ESS) is an interdisciplinary course offered only at standard level (SL). This course can fulfill either the individuals and societies or the sciences requirement. Alternatively, this course enables students to satisfy the requirements of both subjects groups simultaneously while studying one course. " So, if you really want to do it because its "easy" and you think you will enjoy it, go right ahead. But if you truly are more interested in economics, go for that. As you said, this decision isn't life or death and isn't a determining factor in your future career, therefore, whichever class you choose will be fine. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion. You can look more into the class at the IBO website or where I found that quote, which is here- http://www.ibo.org/contentassets/5895a05412144fe890312bad52b17044/envyr-systems-2016-english-final-web.pdf I really hope this helped, and choose whichever class you think you will feel more comfortable in.
  13. This is interesting because this isn't the case in other IB schools. Maybe you should ask your IB coordinator if that's really true. On the official IBO website, ESS is a group 4 subject, so taking that and both bio and chem without an "official" group 3 subject may be dangerous for you in the long run. I think I would stick to economics in this case. Hope this helped!
  14. Wait but wouldn't HL Chemistry and Biology be best for pharmacy? Therefore you wouldn't have the option of taking ESS. I wouldn't do a class because it's "easy" if you enjoy economics more than do that.
  15. Why not take HL Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology? You want to either do psychology or neuroscience right? For psychology, you would likely need HL Psych and Bio, and for neuroscience, you need two sciences at HL. I think this solves your problem. I hope I'm not too late tho!
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