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  1. I.B

    Extended Essay topic

    Hey, I was wondering if doing my extended essay on short stories by Isaac Asimov is okay? I don't know if anyone has read them, but they're a great read and that's why I'm choosing them. My topic is more specifically "How does Asimov use humor to make strange ideas more familiar to the reader". What do y'all think?
  2. I.B

    Help in a physics experiment

    Thanks for your input! My problems are solved now, I found out that my school has a temperature probe, which makes measuring the temperature of a battery much easier!
  3. I.B

    Help in a physics experiment

    Sorry, I'll be more specific. This experiment is actually for my physics IA, for which I'm trying to see how temperature affects the internal resistance (and hence voltage output/efficiency) of a battery. I just want to find a way by which I could heat the battery without damaging the battery. I can't place it directly in water as it will react, I can't put it in a microwave there is a chance of a tiny explosion. What i thought of was to place the battery in a steel container and put it in the water bath, this will probably be the safest and most efficient way of heating the battery. Was wondering if there was anything better though?
  4. Hey! Does anybody know how to heat up a battery by around 1-2 degrees? Will it work if I put the battery in warm water inside a small bag of some sort, or will the battery undergo some reaction and get spoilt? To be precise, I need to hit the battery in different ways, by 1,2,3,4, and 5 degrees to conduct an experiment. If anybody knows any ways of doing that, it would be much appreciated Thanks!
  5. I.B

    How do grades work?

    If i get a 6 in an assessment that counts in the final grade, does it mean I cannot get a 7 in the end? Or if i get 6s for 50% of the grade and 7s for the other 50%, does that mean I will get a 6? Or a 7? Just want to know how the grading system works.
  6. Your subjects choices really depend on what you enjoy, keeping grades in mind, of course. As an IB student, I personally enjoy and encouragce maths HL, but again, it depends on what you prefer!

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