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  1. So by describing/ modelling a phenomenon, does it have to based on any context -- PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, ECONOMICS... or does it have to be purely mathematical (for example interpreting Euler's formula). I am still in my early year 11, so I haven't officially started any calculus, statistics or induction, yet. But I have "some" insight to it. In that sense of having few prior knowledge on certain integral topics in Maths HL, would it be difficult for me to write an EE? FYI: I do have a Math IB tutor at home to support me.
  2. How would u write an EE about a certain mathematical model and how would u do it to get higher grade?
  3. What TOK maths topics would you recommend?
  4. I was wondering, whether or not your EE for physics would have to be based on a lab or any primary source. Can an EE be based on pure mathematical interpretation of a physics content?
  5. Which Maths HL study guides do you think is the best to prepare to for the FINAL exams??
  6. Which Physics HL study guides do you think is the best to prepare to for the FINAL exams??
  7. I have recently joined IB, and thinking Unis
  8. Can a good predicted score get you into good UK universities, or do most of the UK unis prefer the final IB score?
  9. I am currently in Grade 11, trying to figure out a good FOA topic for my FOA. I was wondering if there's any topic, that has good information and is therefore easy to explain or talk about. I am essentially looking for topics that should relate to "language and Power', 'Language and Communities'... I would appreciate a lot if anyone could help.
  10. When did your school get you started for your EE, prior to your 2 years of DP?
  11. I am starting IB DP within a week, and I was wondering whether or not its better to finish up with most of EE, TOK and CAS earlier in my 2 year IB course, and then in the final year, having done my EE, TOK & CAS would allow me to focus on my revisions and the EXAMs. Is this a good approach, if not please share some tips on how anyone of you aced a full on all of EE, TOK & CAS??
  12. does a good/bad teacher determine how well you'll do in your HL course
  13. Is it doing 5 or more past papers or textbooks practises or other materials? If other materials what are they???

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