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  1. Hey thanks In terms of the actual questions in the exam, are they anything similar to the practices like question banks, textbooks, past papers..... I mean is there a possibility that IB's going to hand us the exam with the questions that we've never come across, like the crazy twisted version of something that we did in practice, but not similarly formated... U get what I am sayin ?
  2. What kind of question will you get in a MATHS HL EXAM?????
  3. I am getting ready for IB next year, need help organizing everything...
  4. Does it matter as much for the real game?
  5. Please help, I am practising MATHS HL for my first year in DP
  6. Mother tongue is not English, I mean my parents aren't fluent. But I am bilingual...
  7. Like for my first term of creative writing, I aced 6 for all my criterions. But for my final term, I had to write an argumentative essay on a book called Persepolis. I did work hard and did an extensive analysis of my chosen extract. My teacher says, that my analysis has gone through some ups and downs (sometimes as in; YOU NAILED IT! and sometime as; HMM, YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN) But that was a draft. When I did my exam, I got a 5 for Criterion A, 5 for Criterion B and, 3 for Criterion D. I was told, that my handwritten was rubbish (which it is), that confused most my writings and that teacher wasn't able to follow most of my sentences and words, hence the 3 for Criterion D. She also told me that, Criterion D, massively impacts the other criteria, which means I could have gotten better in Criterion A & B, if I got my handwriting right. So, my teacher and I both think, it is the handwriting (which can be fixable) and some faulty analysis, is the problem with my essays. But I kinda, feel as if for DP, I need to up my game for analysis and thus I stated my analysis in MYP level 5-6 standards might not meet DP. So, do you think such normal - decent grade MYP level analysis would lead me to a 3 or a 4 in DP - even if I give a little effort in ENGLISH A SL, next year?
  8. What do u mean? I took English A SL (lang and lit)
  9. Hey, I'll be joining IB DP next year. I chose English A, SL as part of my group 1 choice (FYI, I wanted to avoid English A at all cost, but I didn't have a choice). Honestly, I am really weak in reading and analysing text and I feel concerned regarding the state I might be in as a IB English student during my DP years. I am just wondering how difficult English A would be, if I am not really that good in reading, understanding and analysing text, in terms of DP standards. However, I did fairly well in my MYP years as I aced my report with a 5, due to my decency in some analysis and creative writing. Plz help with my situation...
  10. Hey, I am an MYP student, currently planning for DP. I consider my self as a scientifically & mathematically inclined student. To full fill my group 3 choice for my full IB diploma, I am stuck in whether or not I take Business HL or SL. Initially, I tried for Economics, but classes are full in economics. But I still like to know whether Business is easier than Economics and if YES, which levels of business should I choose.
  11. Thanks for the very HELP, I needed. You've no idea, how I've been stressing about the right subject choices for my IB Diploma. Thanks again.
  12. So short answer - am I good with ENGLISH B HL, if I make an application in any UK university?
  13. What if I am taking another language, apart from FRENCH & SPANISH for my group 1, do I still have to have to do IELTS or TOEFL?

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