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  1. Kil- STRO

    How to study for HL Math and SL Physics

    True.... I have been doing past papers a lot, and questioned whether it was ethical or not. But, in the end I am gonna give the IB exam, whether I like it or not, hence past paper is the way to go. Sometimes, even if you do past papers, you don't get to do all of them. In fact teachers has a whole archive of paper since before 1980s, right? So they tend to give questions from all over the time, so may be 1 or 2 question comes from the questions I practiced, but the rest is just unknown. So in the end... it's still a challenge.
  2. Kil- STRO

    How to study for HL Math and SL Physics

    Hey, I am currently in DP1 doing Maths & Physics HL.... so maybe not the best guy to answer the question. However, I think the best way get ready for your exams is by doing more and more past paper, cuz that's what I did to prepare for my class tests. I also consider the cambridge textbook... but I don't know if it'll help for examination or "IB" exam like questions, but general class test it could be useful. I can suggest you going online and practise from https://revisionvillage.com, there are a lot of useful practises and IB type questions and they are recognized by the IB, so that's something. If u want you can buy the gold version to access their premium topics and practises and even get a revision and prediction pack for the May 2019 exams. Hope it helps! BTW, my calculus HL - basic differentiation assessment is coming this coming Tuesday... u got any advice???
  3. I am currently in IB DP 2, class of 2020. What would be the best way to spend summer, when transitioning from DP1 to DP2. My subjects are.... English SL, French ab SL, BUSMAN HL, Chem SL, Physics HL, Math HL ...just for information
  4. Most UK universities put up their entry requirement in UCAS and the IB points that they put up includes the TOK, EE & the actual exam. If I use my predicted score to start my applications, that doesn't include EE or TOK, would I still be able to apply and get an offer with a predicted score few points lower than what is required by the university.
  5. I was thinking of 5 university options; Durham, Noting-ham, Birmingham, King's Colledge and Aberystwyth universities. These unis seems pretty mid-range, do all these unis offer unconditional offers. If not, which universities in the uk do?
  6. If not... what are some easy Creativity activity I could do for CAS?
  7. I will be doing the PAT examination for Oxford next year on October 2019, as a DP 2 student. **currently I am in DP 1. Would PAT examinations be difficult to deal with as IB physics and math student? By the time I am in DP2, I myself would be familiar with a lot of rigorousness of the physics and math hl course, would that help me out for my PAT exams??
  8. Hey, For my coming mock examination I will be provided with a word processor. Does anyone know what a word processor looks like?? Is it a computer or an old fashion type writer? I hope anyone can answer.
  9. Kil- STRO

    Can I do a EE on theoretical physics?

    What did u mean here?? Quality reference material?
  10. I don't know if I can do research based on just the mathematical analysis and interpretations of a physics concept for my EE, rather than conducting any sort of experiment or data processing. My teacher says the IB won't expect a theoretical/pure mathematical paper. Is that true?
  11. Do you need STEP and MAT testing even if you are doing the IB Maths HL and Physics HL??
  12. Does sample papers help for exam preparation, or should I stick to past papers. Would it be a waste of time?
  13. Is it necessary that you practise from all time zones and take a lot of time or stick to your own time zone for better practise?
  14. Kil- STRO

    Best study guides for PHYSICS HL???

    Many thanks!
  15. Kil- STRO

    Best study guides for PHYSICS HL???

    Do you get good practise questions, that will prepare you for any assessments or exams???

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