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  1. Is compulsory to include diagrams or pictures in the maths EE, even though it's not a necessity?
  2. @kw0573 Hey, I had an off topic question. I am not sure if u took physics for your subject but I just hope you can comment a little bit on what I am doing for my physics IA. I am still unsure about my RQ for my physics IA, but in essense what I am doing is looking at a simple experiment for an electric generator and seeing how "maxwell's equation" applies to it. I don't know if u heard about maxwell's equation, if u haven't it's essentially a bunch of vector calculus stuff like divergence and curls with relation to electric fields and magentic fields. Now I am trying make an IA to show how does the "curl" of electric field that is produced due to the generator gets effected with an independent variable which would be a magnetic field that creates that electric field. NOW the "curl" itself is quite mathematical...and tbh throughout my IA I am trying to display this bridge between physics and mathematics (ie I am going to physically interpret a curl) SO what do u think? I hope I didn't explain it with some heavy complexity.
  3. I want to study theoretical physics in the UK, and I am having trouble figuring out a best fit university for my predicted score. My predicted score hasn't been published yet...but my grades seems to pointing towards a 35 which includes a 7 (physics HL), 6 (maths HL), 5 (Buisness HL), 6 (french ab initio) and 5 (english SL), with B in EE and C in TOK... so in total 37 point. But when I search up.. universities with the course I want to consider... I do have a range of options, satisfying the 37 point mark, but when I look at the HL, requirement, it says you must have 766, or 666. Which is quite impossible for me to get... cuz I am absolutely weak at buisness HL, and there's no way I can get a 6. I have narrowed down my search to unis that do acceot 765 or 665, those are King's college, Queen Mary and Bristol. Does anyone have any other suggestion? 2 more university suggestion would be great!
  4. Reflection includes the full assessment of the research process and perseverance, while the personal engagement is something about your IA topic that relates to your life. Right? Therefore... the personal engagement must be mentioned in an IA, yes?
  5. wait so the "personal content" thing is not really part of the essay, like I don't have to explicitly say or show, personal engagement! It's all in the reflection?
  6. @kw0573 How important is a personal connect for a Mathe EE? I mean I am working on maths with relation to QM, how can I show personal connect throughout my essay?
  7. What about the word count? I saw in the guide, that for EEs in Maths word count, don't matter!
  8. When do semesters begin for undergrads in UK universities?
  9. And BTW... since I will be using a lot of linear algebra in my EE, should I be required to explain every process of doing the basics of linear algebra like finding the determinant, linear combination, matrix multiplication, etc. Or should I just stick to the mathematical explanation that is only relevant to the thesis.
  10. @kw0573 I had another question, do we have to have an annotated bibliography for a maths EE? Thanks in advance
  11. Wait u're may 2022, why are u doing this now??? And BTW I don't think your teacher would allow u to work with u're father's buisness, cuz bias
  12. I hope you found your topic, by the time I am writing his message. But if not, if your interested in mechanics and a simple experiment, I suggest you look into a double pendulum... experiments are pretty simple. Although there is an issue on mathematical rigor, as u gotta focus on Lagrangian Mechanics, but if u love mathematics, then u can look in this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO3ysz1jJU8). If u want something different, and if u're like things about electronmagnetism, then u can go ahead and look at the connection of electric fields and refraction.... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmpNM0sgYk) In the end... I hope you the best for your IAs and u're final Nov exam.
  13. I have decided to look at maxwell's equation with relation to the Faraday's experiment. I know maxwell's equation is pretty broad and complex, so I chose to start small by considering the Faraday's law, which is within the syllabus. Through a simply experiment I am considering to go broad by talking about divergence and curls and how it physically correlates to the experimental data I have collected. Will this be fine? Should I consider a different approach? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  14. True because the infinite potential box is just a situation, a mere constraint. This doesn't really need a major emphasis to the main point of my essay, as it deals with the mathematics of just conservation of the normalization. Thanks for all your valuable help!
  15. I think you for your honest comment. Actually when I mentioned vector length... I assumed you'd know it's a magnitude. But that's besides the point. You initially mentioned what potential I am working with, in-fact I am taking a particle in closed box with infinite potential, and the box is in 1D, and this simplifies the math. And to be honest, my EE is very straight forward, and I am sorry if I was not able to provide the correct picture. When it comes to the "magnitude" of the wave-function vector staying constant or preserved.... all comes down to the unitary operator. And all I am trying to show mathematically therefore, the property of unitary operator with relation to the Hamitonian. I know this is a very very very broad topic and I am trying to narrow and simplify a lot of the mathematics down to a math EE level. I have already looked at linear algebra and studied various concepts related to my RQ from 3B1B and from Khan Academy, truly the visualizations did strengthen my understanding. And also another thing, I don't really see how the potential play a part in the vector length or magnitude of the wave-function, if theres' a reading you can link me into, that'll be helpful. Well since I am assuming an infinite potential, I don't think it will play a part, RIGHT?
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