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  1. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biotechnology prospects and advice?

    I know you wrote this in June, but hopefully you see this! I am in year 2 but I want to do something in the biotech field. In the US, a biotech job ranges at about $95k a year. Not bad. Your subjects look good to me, but I would recommend taking a biotech course next year if your school allows it. It helps tremendously. For IB, really all you can do is manage your stress.
  2. ThisIsTempAccount

    Help for my biology extended essay on plant growth

    I am growing basil and my supervisor told me to have 10 trials each. I would add more trials to yours.
  3. Tomorrow I'm meeting with my supervisor to talk to her about my experiment. I am growing basil plants and only 3/50 have sprouted (from seed) and are growing. I planted them on August 27th. Will I be able to get my diploma and get a D or above even though I can't pull data from the experiment? I'm really stressing out and have worked my butt off for this to fail.
  4. I wanted to do the same thing, but my supervisor wouldn't let me. You might have better luck than I though.
  5. ThisIsTempAccount

    Bio EE experiment failing last minute???

    No, I hadn't meant that. Thank you
  6. ThisIsTempAccount

    Bio EE experiment failing last minute???

    Hi all, I have sort of a situation here. I am doing a biology extended essay on the effects that isopropyl alcohol and soap and water have on bacteria in homes. I sent out a form two days ago so people could participate in my experiment, but no one has responded yet. May 30th, my rough draft for the EE is due (supervisor said without the experiment for the rough draft is fine), and the final draft is due sometime in September. I wanted to get the experiment done in the next 2 week but with the lack of responses i'm starting to worry. Outside of the people I sent out the forms to, I only have 6 people's houses I could swab for bacteria at (family members, neighbors) but I still have to ask them. I should have at least 10 people's houses to do. Over the summer, I will most likely not have access to my schools resources (where it would all be done) and there is a very slim chance I would be able to do it at home. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really starting to worry and don't know what to do.
  7. ThisIsTempAccount

    ESS EE - Carbon Dioxide Pollution

    https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-10-least-densely-populated-places-in-the-world-2015.html List of cities by population density - Wikipedia Hope these help!
  8. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biology Extended Essay

    UPDATE: I've made a little progress and have sent out forms so I can start my experiment
  9. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biology Extended Essay

    I've made attempts to but nothing new so far.
  10. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biology Extended Essay

    So source cards are just note cards with a website or book source that we are using for our EE. It's just what we were told to find after we had our topic.
  11. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biology Extended Essay

    I have an outline written, and have 8 source cards (there are 50 cards total including source cards), but I still feel lost on where to start. I know I need to branch off of my outline, but I don't understand how if that makes any sense
  12. ThisIsTempAccount

    What do you think of my Question?

    Your question isn't there.
  13. ThisIsTempAccount

    Biology Extended Essay

    Hi all! First post here. My EE question is "To what extent do household cleaners have an effect on bacteria". My EE rough draft is due on the 30th, and I only have one sentence down. I did not procrastinate on this I just feel very lost and don't know where to start. I've literally been staring at my one sentence for days. Does anyone have any guiding first sentences (will be changed later) I just need something that I can go off of. I am following the outline rubric that was given to us and trying to go by that but since I haven't done my experiment yet (which is ok with the head ib supervisor) I'm missing the majority of the rubric. My actual supervisor is of no help unfortunately. I know once I just get the first few sentences down I can knock it out of the park it's just a matter of starting.

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