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  1. Hello, I'm looking for an IB Arabic A literature online tutor . Does anyone know any?
  2. this depends on how much did you get in your IA and how will you do in the other papers. anyhow, my advice would be to write a relatively two good essays instead of writing one super good essay. let's say you get 9s in both essays (getting 9 is relatively easy since you only need to understand the question to be able to get it), then you end up with a 18/30 which is much better than a 15 (highest mark awarded for a super good one essay). Also, my teacher told me that one of the best essays in the ib exams 2017(word count was close to 3000 words) only scored a 14, so it is really hard to score full mark in an essay even if it was very detailed and contained critical analysis and different perspectives. however, if you're not aiming for a high grade, and you did well on your IA (like got a 15 out of 25), got a 14 out of 30 in paper 2 , got a 15 out of 24 in paper 1 and a 20 out of 45 in paper 3 , then your total will be 5 out of 7 so that's pretty good I think hope this helps, good luck!
  3. Yomna

    Help history exam

  4. Yomna

    Help history exam

    Hello, can anyone help me with this question, "how did Mao's foreign policy help him maintain power?" If you have any notes for it or any ideas and you can share that would be great!
  5. Yomna

    notes for topic 11

    Hello, I'm in desperate need for notes for causes and effects of 20th century wars topic (ww1 and ww2), can anyone help me pleaseee
  6. Yomna

    Note for Physics

    Version 1.0.0


    Notes for all the Physics' chapters
  7. Hello, I am doing Arabic A literature SL self taught and was wondering if anyone have any resources that can help me? I couldn't find past papers and marckshemes so if you have that and can help, I will appreciate it very much also if you have some guide on how to write the WA or have a an example of a WA. literally anything would help. Thanks in advance
  8. I'm not very sure about that but in our school they send them in February
  9. No you wouldn't be penalized because they haven't sent the IAs to the IB yet, but you should ask your teacher to remove your name from it
  10. I see, I'll probably drop Chem then. Thanks a lot!
  11. I agree that Math HL would keep my options open and I was thinking about dropping Chem to SL since I have another HL Science. However, I'm really worried I won't be able to score well in Math HL and that would affect my overall IB grade. If anyone who studied the new syllabus of both subjects at HL would care to share some advice that would be very appreciated 🙏🙏
  12. I agree, but I'm only applying to Danish universities and they only require SL Chemistry and Math and the only thing they care about is the overall grade (40+ points) so to make question clear, is it easier to get a 7 in Math HL or Chemistry HL?
  13. Hello people! I'm doing Chemistry and Math both at Hl and it's KILLING ME! Since I wanna study medicine and need about 40 points I'm thinking about dropping one of them to SL (I don't need Chemistry nor Math HL for the university I'm applying for). I'm pretty good at both subjects but I feel like Chemistry HL is so much content , while Math is very interesting but it requires a LOT of time to practice and the exam questions are pretty hard. Does any one have some advice on which one I should drop? These are my subjects if that's would help Physics HL Chemistry HL Math HL English B HL Self-taught Arabic A SL History SL Thanks in advance!
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