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  1. I see, thank you so much for the informative response!
  2. Hello! I'm entering the IBDP next school year, and I'm having a bit of trouble finalizing my second language course. I've been taking French for 3 years now, and it's not like I dislike the language or anything-- French is actually one of my best and favourite classes, and at one point, I even considered taking it at HL, but later decided against it. However, I also started taking introductory Japanese this past year, and I've also grown very fond of learning the language, too. I figured that if I chose Japanese ab initio, I would have an easier time with a year's worth of experience under my belt as opposed to starting it completely fresh. I'm not sure which textbook is used for ab initio, but for introductory Japanese, I've gone through the first 7 lessons of the Genki I textbook, if that helps? So, when I first selected my IB courses, I chose French SL, but recently I decided to switch to Japanese ab initio. I don't want to discontinue French, so I was planning on taking French 11 this summer, and French 12 next summer to catch up in exchange for not taking it in IB. Would there be enough time during the summer break after year 1 of IB to dedicate myself to the summer completion class, or is summertime a busy period for IB students too? Also, I can't take both languages because I'm already taking two sciences. Sorry for the long post, but any answers are greatly appreciated!
  3. I don't think that would be possible because you need a subject from each IB course group, and taking 2 sciences would mean dropping your visual arts option to fit in the extra science course. However, I'm also new to IB so I probably won't be the best person to answer your question-- this is just based on what I understand so far. Anyhow, I hope everything goes well with your course selection!
  4. Solstice

    Social Life in IB

    I'm also starting IB in the fall, and I thought that this was a really helpful thread to ease some of my worries about having a social life/spare time, haha.
  5. Responded. Best of luck with your IA-- the topic of relating nationalities and languages spoken seems pretty interesting!
  6. Also finished. Hope you get enough entries in time, best of luck!
  7. Hello! While I'm not sure if you still need this information, there are indeed other online courses that you can take through Pamoja. I found a link listing the other courses they offer: https://pamojaeducation.com/for-schools/pamoja-taught-courses/ I'm not really qualified to answer your other questions since I won't be starting the IBDP until next school year, so I wish you the best of luck!

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