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  1. I see, thank you so much for your comprehensive answer! I appreciate it a lot, and it most definitely helps. I think I'll be sticking with my HLs despite the difficulty, becuase unfortunately I'm not as interested in any of my SL classes enough to bring them up to HL instead. I guess I'll see once I start the IB in a couple of weeks though, haha. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm planning on taking Math, Chemistry, and Physics for my HL courses, but I feel a bit lost as to what I want to pursue as a career after university and such. Out of the three subjects, I'm very interested in math (more so than the other two subjects), so at some point, I considered being a math teacher when I'm older, but other people have also suggested that engineering could also be a reasonable choice for me. There are so many types of engineering though, and I don't really know the difference between them. I don't know what I should be doing. So, I just wanted to ask which careers the combination of math/chemistry/physics HL would be useful for? I apologize if this question seems a bit vague, or if this is posted in the wrong section. Thank you for your time!
  3. Also done! Good luck with your IA.
  4. Since this seems like a very specific question that only applies to the secondary school you're talking about, I'm not sure if there will be anyone that can answer these questions in time for your exam. Would it be possible to ask the school about what kind of test it will be? I think it'd be more reliable to have the information directly rather than relying on others, especially when the answers seem so varied? If you're really intent on studying, and you want to feel super prepared, perhaps you can just study the subjects you aren't doing as well in? If it ends up being on the exam, great-- if not, it's good practice anyways. E is the highest rating, so I mean, that speaks for itself. Your work habits are probably fine. Maybe you can study French then, if you know that it could be on the exam. Again, I feel like it's best to ask and clarify with the school if you can. I don't think I can be of much help, but I wish you all the best! Try not to fret too much over it, I'm sure you'll do fine with all of this studying you've planned.
  5. Additionally, if you're really worried about your Physics 11 mark affecting your transcript, you can always retake the class for a better mark. I'm not sure how transcripts in Ontario work, but this is under the assumption that they're more or less the same across Canada. Many students at my school, for example, will retake courses that they didn't score too well in for the sake of bettering their transcript. However, it's your IB scores that matter the most, so I think you should (hopefully) be fine if you do well in everything else, since physics won't be a pre-requisite to whatever you're applying for. Good luck!!
  6. Yes, but keep in mind that the OP is from Italy, so presumably they wouldn't have to write a French assessment. Anyways, by now they definitely would've written their exam. Hopefully everything went well!
  7. I had to write an entrance exam to qualify for the IB Program, but this was more so something that the school arranged. For me, it was also a math and English-based test, though in my experience, the math was based on more "thinking" type of problems? As in, the mathematical calculations weren't very difficult. English was more reading comprehension, and a short timed (20-minute) paragraph piece. Oh, and critical thinking questions, but I'm not sure if that counts as English. However, my friend who also applied to the IB Program (at another school in our city) also wrote an exam, but it was different between the two schools-- probably because it's at the discretion of the school itself? For example, my test was very different from the exam that Omar described above, so there's no telling what might be on your examination. Seeing how you've already been accepted into IB, however, I think Vighnesh's answer seems a lot more plausible, to determine your skill level in those classes and such. Anyways, sorry for the long-ish answer, and I wish you all the best on the exam! No need to fret, I'm sure you'll do great!
  8. Solstice


    Also done! Good luck with your IA, I hope everything goes well.
  9. I think it's a good idea to check the universities you're interested in to see if they require HL math/chemistry for nuclear engineering. You can always sign up for math HL to gauge its difficulty, and take 4 HLs. If math HL isn't your liking, you can just drop it, and if you do end up keeping it, then you can drop one of your other HLs? Good luck with your course selection! I'm also starting the IB next year.
  10. 500 does not have 3 significant figures; it only has 1. However, 500. (with the decimal point) would have 3 sig figs. 5.00 x 10^2 would be a better answer, because it makes it clearer that the number has 3 sig figs. I can't really answer the rest as I'm not starting IB yet, but I wish you all the best for your physics exam! You can do it!
  11. I see, thank you so much for the informative response!
  12. Hello! I'm entering the IBDP next school year, and I'm having a bit of trouble finalizing my second language course. I've been taking French for 3 years now, and it's not like I dislike the language or anything-- French is actually one of my best and favourite classes, and at one point, I even considered taking it at HL, but later decided against it. However, I also started taking introductory Japanese this past year, and I've also grown very fond of learning the language, too. I figured that if I chose Japanese ab initio, I would have an easier time with a year's worth of experience under my belt as opposed to starting it completely fresh. I'm not sure which textbook is used for ab initio, but for introductory Japanese, I've gone through the first 7 lessons of the Genki I textbook, if that helps? So, when I first selected my IB courses, I chose French SL, but recently I decided to switch to Japanese ab initio. I don't want to discontinue French, so I was planning on taking French 11 this summer, and French 12 next summer to catch up in exchange for not taking it in IB. Would there be enough time during the summer break after year 1 of IB to dedicate myself to the summer completion class, or is summertime a busy period for IB students too? Also, I can't take both languages because I'm already taking two sciences. Sorry for the long post, but any answers are greatly appreciated!
  13. I don't think that would be possible because you need a subject from each IB course group, and taking 2 sciences would mean dropping your visual arts option to fit in the extra science course. However, I'm also new to IB so I probably won't be the best person to answer your question-- this is just based on what I understand so far. Anyhow, I hope everything goes well with your course selection!
  14. Solstice

    Social Life in IB

    I'm also starting IB in the fall, and I thought that this was a really helpful thread to ease some of my worries about having a social life/spare time, haha.
  15. Responded. Best of luck with your IA-- the topic of relating nationalities and languages spoken seems pretty interesting!

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