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  1. I need to submit my proposal for the FOA for Part 1 of the course by Monday, and me and my partner are absolutely clueless. We did well for the Part 2 FOA, but this one... we just can't think of any topic ideas!!! Please help!
  2. Legislation shifts the demand curve (MPB) to the left, hence closing the externality and moving it closer to the MSB. The supply curve stays the same. As for context, you can talk about that for the evaluation of legislation as an effective policy response and include stuff like difficulties of compliance and the fact that it might only partially eliminate the externality Hope that helps
  3. Can anybody who's already done their FOA2 just share what they did here? I need some inspiration..... I was thinking something along the lines of the language of lyrics in pop songs but that feels really cliche. Also, our teacher allowed us to do the first FOA with a partner. I really want to work with my FOA1 partner for this second one too- is that allowed?
  4. I checked my preferred uni requirements and have decided to stay in Math SL
  5. Thank you I looked into my choice uni requirements and I've decided to keep Math SL
  6. I won't say I'm struggling with the workload- it's just that I feel like if I dropped to Studies, I'd be able to focus more on my HLs. I'm doing well in those too (currently averaging at 6 6 7) but I feel like I can do so much better. It's just the uni part I'm having issues with......
  7. I'd say you should go with Bio HL. What your coordinator meant to say was "Choose the subjects that you enjoy". While that is true, you can't just ignore what universities want.
  8. When I look at my ManageBac I feel like I've nearly fulfilled all CAS requirements, but I kinda want to double-check. (I won't give the names of exactly what I'm doing tho) So I have: 1 Creativity for a little more than 2 months (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Activity for 6 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 Activity+Service for a little over 2 weeks (Already done reflections, yet to get it marked complete by supervisor) 1 Activity for 6 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 Creativity for more than 8 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 CAS project (Creativity+Service) for more than 6 months (In progress, reflections not yet submitted) 1 Creativity for 6 weeks (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Activity for 9 weeks (In progress, reflections not yet submitted) 1 Creativity for 8 months (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Service for half a month (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Service for a day (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Creativity+Service for a day (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Creativity for 9 months (In progress, reflections submitted) {I actually have a question about this which I will talk about at the very end**} 1 Creativity+Service for 9 months (In progress, reflections submitted) So have I fulfilled all CAS requirements so far? Do I have to include any more experiences or should I just finish these off and end my CAS? **So basically that Creativity is Model United Nations. I entered it as Creativity because at first I was a regular member, but now I've been promoted to the leadership team. I know that the leadership members are allowed to make MUN a Service aspect for their CAS- so should I change the MUN experience to Creativity+Service now or should I do it next year? (Because I'll be doing MUN next year- obviously, you become twice as motivated to do something like that when you're promoted!)
  9. Sope


    I'd go with Lit HL, Psychology HL/SL (it's a social science), language whatever HL/SL (Really, it won't matter- although I know for a fact that higher level language students read novels in that language). But really, it's very dependent on the school your friend wants to join.
  10. Hi there! So I've been wondering for a while now- should I drop from Math SL to Math Studies? I'm currently averaging a 6 in Math SL, but I feel like with the steady increase of work I might not be able to cope up with it and fear that my grade might drop significantly (I already scored a 4 on a test that we did recently...) . I want to study Politics/International Relations/History/Economics at uni (undecided major- I'll probably end up double majoring) so really, do I need Math SL (I ask this because Econ is one of my major options) ?? Please help!

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